Working at a Funeral Home…..the usual

I was reading some things around the internet about funerals. I came across some articles about what the role of the funeral home is. In one article it said that a funeral home will help the family contact friends/family to let them know that so and so has passed. I have never heard of a funeral home doing that, maybe in some small town they may. I have never even been asked that by a family. I also read some things about funeral programs, or obituaries. Some people just use prayer cards or prayer folders, but many families use ‘obituaries’ which is like a program, usually has a photo of the deceased, with they typical day of death day of birth, times and place of funeral services, who is officiating, and some things about their lives, their children and grandchildren, spouse, etc… While some funeral homes may do this, some do not. We are one funeral home that does not do obituaries, we do pray cards and folders only. We print them right at our office. They are just your typical card, and on one side it has that person’s name, date of birth and date of death. Sometimes a photo of that person and then it will either have a poem, a bible verse, or if a family likes, they may request a personal poem or verse and bring it to us and we can put it on the card. Same with the folders, while the folders will hold more information, they are just what it says, a folder about 4×7 and on the front of the folder you can choose which folder you like, they are many designs to choose from (as well as the prayer cards, the front usually has some sort of picture, like flowers, or a cross, or if a veteran there is a flag) and on the inside of the folder is a poem or verse and on the other side inside the folder is the person’s name, date of birth, date of death. day and time of funeral, who is officiating and place of funeral and interment and also on the very bottom there will be the name of the funeral home and our information. These items are not included with anything, these are considered extras. I know at all funeral homes that may not be the case, but we charge extra. You do get a bit for the price. Sometimes during visitation, families run out. If you run out of them, more than likely we will just make more and not charge you. You probably won’t even know that we printed out more than you ordered because throughout the visitation the worker is checking on these things and if they notice that they prayer cards/folders are running low then they know to make more. BUT….sometimes a family will only order so many and then not realize that so many people are showing up for the funeral. After a few times of making more prayer cards/folders, there is a time when we do have to start charging again. Usually I will run off at least 100 of them. If I find that the staff is running them off every few hours, then enough is enough and we have to add that to the bill. Or ask the family what they would like us to do. So, when people want obituaries/programs they have to use an outside printer or do them themselves which means they should order enough just incase! Otherwise, when they run out…well, they run out and the funeral home cannot do anything about it. So many times I have had this happen and of course we have visitors coming into the office telling us that we need to set some more programs out because they are all out. When we tell them that there are no more, well, you can guess….some people just say ok but others are not so nice about it….Other times, some families don’t even order anything. And of course, we get people who come to us and say that they need a prayer card that there are none in the chapel by the sign in book. Then we have to explain that the family did not order any. Same with a sign in book. If the family did not order one, one will not be set out. Plain and Simple. One would think.

Again, just a Memorial Service, ONE hour. That is ALL. of course they show up 45 minutes early. Why do people do this? And I could understand if this was a family that didn’t quite understand, but this family was well aware, because there was certain circumstances that led to only ONE hour Memorial. How do you do this? We aren’t going to make you leave. So are you just taking advantage of the funeral home?

I wanted to say a few things today not about the funeral home really. First things first. I once in a while will throw this into my blog so people understand that I am  here just to vent my work frustrations. I don’t expect people to agree with me. But I do hope that if you find what I write offensive then you will just not read it anymore. As I believe I have said before, it isn’t the dead that irritate me, it is the family and friends of the deceased who do. The people who think that they are better than everyone else, the ones who think that they deserve everything for nothing just because they lost someone. The people who argue with me about how much they have to pay for a funeral. And I also hope that “some” of what I write is amusing to some.

Next thing I would like to add, is just about people in general. How rude people can be. How driving sucks anymore. How people can lie all the time. How someone can look you right in the face and just outright lie to you. How those people who do lie, don’t think they are hurting anyone when they do lie. Of course I have lied in the past. And I am truly sorry for how I may have made someone feel by lying to them. But as I get older I see the importance of  Honesty. Trust. Respect. Respect for one another. It is so hard anymore to trust anyone these days. It actually makes me sad to think about it. I don’t like how people backstab one another. How you could go behind someones back knowing how wrong it is, not thinking about that person and how they are going to feel if they find out or when they find out. I was always taught to treat people how I want to be treated. I have not always done things that way, but I try all the time. I always try to put my self in their shoes and to think how they would feel before I do it. How is that person going to feel if they knew I was doing this. How will it affect them. Even if I know they would never ever find out.

Well anyway….

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