working at a funeral home…. mean people suck

so, like I have so so many times before. do not bring in an assload of food! what is with you people and your freaking food at a funeral home? you are there to pay your respects to the deceased. you are there to greet the people who have come to pay their respects to the deceased. so why did you bring in ALL that fucking food? why are you in the lounge stuffing your face when you should be receiving those who have come to pay their respects to the deceased? why, oh why? yes, we supply the coffee. yes, I will make it for you, BUT, please feel free to make it yourself as well. I am not telling you that I will not make you coffee, but what I will eventually do is stop making it for you if I cannot get to the coffee pot! why wouldn’t I be able to get to the coffee pot? well, let’s see. because there are too many people stuffed into the lounge. there are too many people standing around and in front of the coffee pot. also the trash probably needs to be emptied and if I cannot get to it, then too bad. I am not fighting a crowd of rude people to make you more coffee or empty the trash! it is not hard to make coffee, really! everything is right there for you. I would actually prefer if you made the coffee yourself anyway, because if I do it, I am going to make it the way I usually make it. which means it may not be strong enough for you or it may be too strong for you. I will only  make one pot of regular and one pot of decaf, even though most people drink regular. if you want more regular, then make more regular. OR tell me that you would rather have more regular so I don’t continue to make decaf. if someone goes to get a cup of decaf because certain people can only have decaf and they drink the regular that is in the decaf pot, then it is on you! not me! I hate when I go to make a pot of coffee and I walk back to my office only to sit down and someone come back to my office and ask me to make more coffee because it is already gone! see, this is where you can make your own. my job requires me to be in many places, not just on coffee duty! please feel free to make your own, really, it is ok! and if I am back there making coffee and you SEE me trying to make coffee, MOVE out of my way, especially when I say “excuse me”, that means  to MOVE! not look at me and roll your eyes. or just stand there like I am speaking some foreign language. don’t tell me that I made the last pot too weak and slam the coffee pot in front of my face either. really, did you really just fucking do that to me? first, I don’t take shit from people like YOU! first you walk in with your hoochie mama outfit on, like you are at the bar or a wedding and you are about 50 yrs old. start dressing your age, not like you are 25! you look ridiculous. I am not the only one who sees you as someone who is trying to be younger than you are and NOT succeeding! you are at a FUNERAL HOME! not a resturant ! not a coffee shop! not a bar!

If you are having your loved one cremated it is your responsibility to pick up the cremated remains from the funeral home. It is up to you to purchase an urn as well. if you do not pick out an urn then you will receive the cremains in the container that they are  in when delivered to us. yes, you actually have to PURCHASE an urn! really! Unbelievable that people really think that they come in an urn! you don’t have to buy one from us, you can go buy one anywhere you like! I am not trying to rip you off. also if you want to bury the cremains, then it is up to you to let us know if you want us to set that up for you. BUT, you have to actually go to the cemetery where you want them buried. you can bury them with someone else that has already passed on, or you can buy a niche at a cemetery, whatever you want. but we are not mind readers! you also have to pay for that too! just because they are ashes doesn’t mean it is free! you still have to pay opening and closing fees! as well as if you want a niche you have to pay for that too! if you want to witness the burial then you have to let us know that too! again, we do not read minds!  you have to tell us what you want! ! ! !    

If someone dies and the medical examiner is going to do an autopsy, it is not up to us either! it is not up to you either! it is up to the medical examiner so please do not call me and yell at me because you do not want one done on your loved one. there is absolutely NOTHING I can do about it. NOTHING! call the medical examiner and argue with them! and no, I am not going to give you the number I have for them. use the number that is for the public! do you really think I am going to give you a private number? yell all you want. obviously there is a reason they want to do an autopsy. 

I don’t know what it is with people lately, but being rude will get you nowhere! things are bad all over, not just in your little world, honest! I could use more money, more work hours, etc…so you are not the only one having a hard time ! you are not the only family that has had to pay for a funeral either. come on people lighten up a little. if you want flowers for the funeral then you must order them, you can order them thru us or go to your flower shop.  I do not have the flowers here at the funeral home. I do know of some funeral homes that actually do the flowers themselves but we do not ! so roll your eyes all you want. and when you do order flowers thru us, I really don’t want to hear about how much they are and that you can get them cheaper someplace else. all you have to say, is “well, maybe we will order them at the flower shop”. that’s all. that’s all you have to say.


One Response to “working at a funeral home…. mean people suck”

  1. That bit about food reminds me of the last funeral I attended as a guest when my friends’ dad died. The service was held at a church and there were some refreshments after with coffee (finger food mostly), but my friend was telling me that after the news of her dad’s death reached people, her family were overwhelmed with everyone, not just reletives but neighbours in the street just dropping off food all the time to their house. She said she’s never seen so much cake and quiches in her life and also said the amount of food was embarassing after a while because her and her family didn’t even feel like eating after losing their husband/dad, so a lot went to waste and had to be thrown out. I honestly don’t get why people associate food masses with death. You’re right, what’s wrong with just coffee and a pack of bickies (cookies)?

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