so what did i say the other day about money? if you don’t have it then don’t plan on having a big funeral? isn’t that what i just wrote about (and probably every other post i have ever wrote).

a family who has no money came in. we gave them a price. they got belligerent with us. WHY? funerals are expensive. period. so, we gave you options. you still weren’t happy. what do you really want us to do? honestly? just not charge you? well, wouldn’t that be wonderful if we could just not charge people anymore for funerals. wouldn’t it be nice if the ‘someone’ else were to pay for it? gee, i wonder how long we would be able to keep our doors open for? a few weeks? maybe 2 months?  do you walk into wal-mart, the party store at your corner, the grocery store and get up to the register and say “i don’t have any money, so, either i can pay later or make payments” ? probably not! what about if your car broke down? would you call a tow truck and have them tow your car and fix it, then say “oh, i don’t have any money, but i am going to take my car, you can take payments from me or wait until i get the money”. probably not! SO, what makes you think that WE WILL? my advice to everyone! even young people, make pre-arrangements! you CAN make payments on that! you can pick out what you want too! OR, get a life insurance policy. it’s really not that expensive to take out a life insurance policy. even if it is only for a couple thousand dollars. YOU CAN make payments on your life insurance policy! so you see, do it before it happens! because you can’t make payments to us once it does happen! we will actually do an insurance assignment for YOU! all you family has to do is bring that policy into the funeral home when they come to make your funeral arrangements. we do ALL the work! and they won’t have to worry about a think, except to sign a few pieces of paper! we call the insurance company to verify the policy is good. we get all the paper work in order. we mail the required documentation to them. they mail us a check for the amount! ALL DONE! that’s it. no worries! and guess what, if there is any money left over, it goes directly to you family, the beneficiary! isn’t that easy? the only draw back is if the policy is less than 2 years old, the insurance company will probably contest it and not pay. so, my advice is to get a life insurance policy as soon as possible. most employers offer this to their employees and it comes out of your paycheck. or, even your credit unions offer this. OR, ask your homeowners insurance company if they offer life insurance. if you are young and still live at home, ask your parents if they have a life insurance policy on you, if they do, when you get older and move out or are on your own, see if you can take over the payments. whatever you have to do. anyway…….. this family that i was speaking of. they bitched about the cost of embalming. they were undecided if they wanted embalming. BUT, they wanted visitation. well, you must have embalming if you want visitation. the person passed on the 12th of this month, now it is the 16th, so you must have embalming. then they bitched because we charged to do the removal. then of course they bitched about our charges. they didn’t know if they wanted to do cremation or burial. burial is going to be more expensive, because you have to pay the cemetery! then you accused us of charging too much at the cemetery. we explained that we have nothing to do with the cemetery. you rolled your eyes at us. when you asked about state aid. we explained that to you as well. and again, accused us of not working with you to get more money from the state. again, we do not have anything to do with what the state approves you for! nothing! at all! you, under your breath, sighed and said ‘yeah, right”. at this point i was ready to tell you to leave. go someplace else. let someone else deal with you, because you are the kind of people who are not going to be happy with anything. now that you have decided to stay with us, you set your times. one day. with cremation. well, when we told you that you must have your service no later than 6:30pm, you asked us why on earth so early, when we don’t close until 9pm. well, it doesn’t work that way. you chose to have 6 hours of viewing. which means that you have until a certain time to stay here. because that is what you paid for. yes, we are open until 9pm for those families who chose to do visitation until 9pm. you are only paying to have yours until 8pm. that is what you can afford. so you say. when you decide to have a service in the evening (which is common with cremations) you have to start your service early enough so you are done by 8pm. understand? if you didn’t start your service until 8pm, then you would be here until 10pm! and that is IF everyone leaves right away. so if that was the case, you would have to pay that extra time! back to the state aid thing for a minute. when we explained to you that if the deceased had any assets a bank account a vehicle, etc… that the state will find out and they will deduct that from the money they give you, you asked us not to tell them. WE DON’T tell them anything! we told you this. the state will find out on their own, trust us! how many times did we tell you that we have NO control over what the state does. just be grateful that they may give you anything.

i can’t wait to have a few days off. can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!


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