another funeral service another day……….

here we go gain. another white trash day!

of course here we go, another young person who lost their life to drugs. why do these young people do that? it is upsetting. but also makes me just shake my head in disgust. i have seen it too many times. and here is what really makes me feel no pity for these young people. they show up at the funeral home and have no respect for anyone. not the family of the decease, not the people who work at the funeral home (me) and not for themselves. they talk out in the hallway and i can hear what they are talking about, i go in the lounge and i can hear what they are talking about. they talk about why so and so died, but in the same conversation it’s ‘let’s go out to the car and smoke one’. they aren’t talking about smoking a cigarette. or ‘let’s go out to the car and do a line’. come on. when are you kids gonna wake up. why do you think at this very second you are standing inside a funeral home? because you so-called friend just died because he did what you want to go out to your car to do. do you want to be next? most of you are barely legal to drink. but yet you all have kids, most of you,i’m sure are unwed. just an assumption, but more than likely true. you show up looking like your going out to the club. do you not have any respect for anyone or yourself? i hate working when we have these types of funeral or visitations, i just cannot stand it anymore. and i am so so so so so so sick of hearing about what a “good guy” or great girl” he or she was, blah blah blah……..not only at work, but on the news when someone shoots someone or gets shot in a gang related incident or someone who was drunk driving and killed someone and their family appears on the news and talks about what a caring great person this person was. BULLSHIT. i am so sick of it. then have to turn around and see it in person at work. makes me want to gag. i wonder often where the parents were while this person was growing up? yeah yeah, i know, all kids do stupid shit and parents cannot be there 24 hours a day. i know this first hand, i did alot of stupid shit when i was a teenager, BUT, my parents taught me right from wrong and i knew when too much was too much. i knew the consequences. i knew BETTER! i know all kids do not have great parents and aren’t always taught things like that. it is unfortunate. but really, once you reach a certain age, you yourself should know better and know right from wrong. i also know that times are tough everywhere and people feel as if they just can’t handle any more. whether it is a loss of a job, home, etc… it sucks! i also know this first hand. right now, no matter how many hours of work i get, i know that i am lucky! i have seen too many young people who have taken their lives because of this. but anyway…. what i am really pissed about are these ‘kids’ that show up to see their friend who just died because he over dosed and they are standing around talking about going to do drugs themselves. they stand up in front of the room full of people and cry and carry on because they just lost this person but turn around and go do the same thing.

also, again, with the whole money issue. if you do not have enough money to have a big funeral, then DON’T! i am getting so frustrated with people and hearing about they have no money, which, believe me, I know! but yet they sit there and argue with us that they want this and that but they can’t pay for it. now days, things are tough, ALL OVER! even the funeral business! if you can’t afford to have more than one day of visitation then don’t and don’t argue with me that we are charging too much and being unfair because you can’t afford it. we offer so many different packages to fit what you can afford. and, again, we do not take payments. i just can’t stand getting an attitude when people ask me if they can make payments and i say no. we just don’t. first reason being because in the past, when we have accepted payments…..well, guess what, we are still waiting on those payments. i have people from back in 1998 that still have no paid their bill. that is why we don’t take payments. sometimes we will give a discount. or if say, you’re a hundred bucks shy, then yeah, we will tell you, okay, you have 2 weeks to get us the rest. but come on people. i’m sick of people rolling their eyes at me when i give them prices. or on the phone when people call for pricing, and i give them a price and they get rude with me. why on earth are being rude to me. you don’t know me. you asked me a price and i gave it to you. if you don’t like it, then say ‘thank you, good-bye”. is that so freaking hard?

if you know someone who is going to be laid out at a funeral home and you know the times of the visitation and the funeral service, don’t come early. i cannot stress this enough. you will not be let in. i don’t care if you are on your lunch hour. i don’t care if you are going out-of-town. i don’t care if you have to work. i don’t care if someone gave you’re the wrong times. if you come early you will not be let in. if the family has not been there yet, what makes you think that you will be allowed to go in? if it was one of your family members that was laid out and you had not viewed him/her yet would you like it if someone went in before you? probably not. most people are like that. and i don’t blame them. and again, do not roll your eyes and argue, it will get you no where!

when making arrangements if we tell you that we already have 2 visitations starting the same day you are thinking of having yours that usually means we are suggesting you wait a day. we won’t make you wait, and we may even say it to you, “we already have 2 families here that day, would you like to wait a day, because it is going to be very crowded here and you  may not have enough room, also the lounge area will be crowded and if you plan on bringing in any food there may not be a lot of room for you, we will do our best, but……” listen to our advice. ! please! because when you decide that you do not want to wait one more day and then realize once you are there that you are not happy because you have no room for you food or family to relax in the lounge. or the coat closets are full of the other families coats or the other family/families are being loud or rude, do NOT come and complain to us about it. we warned you! don’t tell me that you are unhappy with your arrangements and the way the funeral home is handling things because the other family is pissing you off or they are getting more of our attention. this is what you chose to do this is what you get. we TOLD you.

if you want to witness a cremation, you must pay! it is not free. don’t sit that and tell me you have never heard of such a thing. you have to pay the crematory. we DO NOT cremate on our premises, it is illegal for a funeral home to run a crematory or a cemetery. in my state, anyway. so we actually have to transport the deceased to the crematory we use. so if you want to witness it, you have to pay the funeral directors charge to go out there, because the crematory requires a funeral director to be present. you also have to pay the crematory. and NO you do not actually get to see the body. yes, people have asked me that. whatever the body is in, that is what they are cremated in. casket and all.

so my parting words are, if you can’t afford it, then don’t do it. there are options, use them. you are not having a funeral for you everyone that is showing up to pay their respects. you are having a funeral for the deceased. don’t feel as if you have to put on some big show with all these flowers and all the food you can pack into our lounge. the people who are coming to view the deceased are the ones who should be bringing you food! or offering to do things for YOU. not the other way around. the funeral home is NOT a restraunt. it is not a social hall. it is not a banquet facility. it is not a family reunion. for those of you who feel it necessary to stand around and laugh and carry on like a bunch of animals, take it someplace else. this is not the place for that. of course laughter is the best medicine, but do it with respect. don’t show up drunk or high and make an idiot of yourself. dress appropriately. act civilized!


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