so i had a funeral the other day, and as usual someone could not shut their cell phone off.  why is it so freaking important to leave your phone on during a freaking funeral? and no, he didn’t just forget! because it rang a total of 4 times and all 4 times he answered it! what an asshole. he actually got up in the middle of the service and walked out of the chapel into the hallway and answered his phone and then proceeded to yell at whoever was on the other end of the conversation! he may as well have stayed in the chapel and answered because everyone  could hear him plain as day anyway.

had a funeral the day after that one, and it was a young person (around 35) she had a lot of people show up for her service but there was one in particular person there who just would not shut up! i understand that people are upset but to continually interrupt the minister while he is trying to do the service. and to cry and yell out obscenities to the deceased for leaving you………….. uughhh!

and again. let’s go over this one more time. when you plan on attending a funeral you do not have to wear a suit or even black for that matter. but to show up in your pajama pants is unacceptable! to show up in your low rider jeans with you ass crack on display is unacceptable. to show up in mini skirts with flip flops, are unacceptable. to show up in tattered t-shirts and ripped dirty jeans, is unacceptable. i know if you’re coming straight from work, unless you are a stripper and you forgot that you left the club in your stripper garb. COME ON people have some couth! wear has all the manners and respect gone to? i mean, really, it is like shopping at Wal Mart anymore, you know, those e-mails that go around with the “people from wal mart”? well, i could start one with the “people from the funeral home”. for real!  and as i have mention above, Turn your cell phone OFF or at least to vibrate while you are there! especially during the actual funeral service! for crying out loud! also, when the Director excuses everyone and asks that they pass by the casket to pay their last respects and then EXIT to YOUR VEHICLE, this concludes ALL services! (or exit to your vehicle and turn on your bright headlights to continue in the procession to the cemetery) PLEASE DO WHAT HE JUST SAID and LEAVE !!!! again, the other day, for the younger person, the family is in the chapel trying to have a few last minutes alone with the deceased and there are a TON of people outside in the hall way just living it up! laughing and yelling and carrying on. HAVE SOME RESPECT and shut the fuck up and go to your cars! why is it that some people feel as if this does not apply to them? and then why do some of you come BACK in the chapel after you have left, opening the freaking door and come back in? do you feel as if you are special and you have the right to come back in? unless you are part of the immediate family, keep your ignorant ass out! OH, and do not, i repeat DO NOT, go back into the lounge area and stuff your face with whatever is left lying around or decide to have a smoke! get out! when we are trying to clear the room to close the casket we will ask if the immediate family would like to stay while we do so. after we close the casket they leave! then we will push the casket out into the vestibule and ask that the pall bearers line up on each side of the casket. well here is the problem, those of you who have insisted on lingering in the halls and vestibule make it very very very very very difficult to push the casket to the exit. most of you just look at us as we are trying to push it toward the door. we have to continuously say excuse me. this is rude. we should not have to get snippy with people because we are trying to push the deceased to the doors, it is not easy to navigate a casket with a body in it thru a ton of people!


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