People SUCK!

yeah  yeah yeah, I know, more bitching about people. but the truth is that people really are assholes! i am so tired and fed up with getting bitched at about shit. i do not make the freaking rules! okay! fuck! family came in to make arrangements. fine. part of the family wanted to wait until the beginning of next week. fine. part of the family wants to get it done and over with. fine. JUST make up your freaking minds! so they decide to do it now. fine. BUT, the part of the family that wanted to wait until next week are now pushing to have the service as late as possible. well the problem with that is that they have to be to the cemetery by 3pm NO LATER! we explain this to them. well, of course they apparently feel as if that is our fault and or our problem not theirs, they want the funeral service to start at 1pm and thats that. well,  it doesn’t work that way, it is not up to us to change what times the cemetery allows !! we don’t run the freaking cemetery! fucking bitch! God she pissed me off! as you can tell……i’m sure. You have to realize that if you start at 1pm, people will arrive just before that. then your priest will be doing the service, well that takes at least 20 minutes and that is a short service. then you have make sure everyone gets out and gets in to their cars, which takes forever because for some reason no matter what kind of funeral it is, people insist on passing by the casket then walking out into the hall and then they just stand there like a bunch of fucking idiots! when the director stands in front of the chapel and thanks everyone for attending and please pass by the casket and exit to your vehicles, what the fuck does that mean? IT MEANS LEAVE! especially if there is going to be a procession! get in your freaking cars and get ready to go! so anyway……after trying to get everyone out, then closing the casket and putting the casket in the hearse then getting everyone ready to go……and she wants to wait until 1pm to start. DON’T think so !! but just keep bitching at me about it because you think i have some control over it……I DON”T! this lady is going to be a pain in my ass for the next couple of days…..i am not in the mood to deal with ignorant people. also, we have had several phone calls from people to find out when the visitation is. well, here is the thing. when you find out someone has passed away, and you find out which funeral home they will be at and you call to get the times and the person at the funeral home tells you that, either, the family has not come in yet for arrangements there appt. is at so and so time, or the family is still here and have not set times yet, or the family will not be in until the next day, whatever…………do NOT ask me why i cannot tell you what TIME! I don’t fucking know! i do not know until that family is DONE making arrangements! also don’t get fucking snippy with me either when I tell you that I do not know! when i find out YOU will find out!  i can only tell you to call back…..i get so many people who …  sigh …. into the phone when i tell them that i don’t know yet!  oh, and yet again….how many times i have to repeat myself to people about state aid…i have NO control over if THEY will approve or deny you! NONE! i cannot talk to them regarding it, nothing….i have no bearing on the situation! whatsoever! me talking to the social worker mean NOTHING! also when you go there and they ask you for certain documents and then you call me and are being rude and bitching at me because we did not tell you that you needed them…well, again, how the FUCK do I know? I don’t. they may ask you for additional documentation, but what it is, I have no idea! the only paper work i am required to give you is the funeral contract and the break down of the cost that is signed by the family and the director. thats it. if they ask you for more that is up to them. apparently they ask ‘some” people for more stuff.. and don’t ask me why they are asking you for this stuff either, because i have no freaking clue. i am the funeral home NOT the State ! i don’t work for the State i work for the funeral home! TWO DIFFERENT PLACES!


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