working at a funeral home . . .

i can’t say that it is fun that’s for sure! there are times when it is, i mean, when no one is instate and just there with co-workers and everyone is getting along. most of the time it is just ho-hum…..when there is a family there, it is actually boring! i hate being there during visitation. unless i am working on another funeral (arrangements). it really does take time to arrange a funeral after the family has left. there are just so many things to do and a lot of details. things that you have to do asap. things that can wait a day, but usually try to get done right away anyway, just incase.  i don’t think many people realize what goes in to and all the work that has to be done. i don’t mind it, that is actually the part of the job that i like. i know exactly what i am doing and what i have to do, what needs to be done first and so on. i just don’t understand people who call the funeral home to get the visitation times for someone…..i try my best to explain to them, but i guess some people just don’t get it if it strays away from the ‘traditional’ funeral. say i have a family that chose to have visitation from 2p/3p-9p then next day funeral services at the funeral home at 10am then process to the cemetery. so, say someone calls and asks me the times. i say viewing is from 3-9p Wednesday funeral will be at the funeral home with a 10am service then to so and so cemetery. simple, right? one would think. anyway, i get  so when is the family hour, just for family at 3pm? no, public viewing is 3-9p. (i just don’t like to say family from 2-3p because sometimes certain people think they are worthy enough to show up at those times and it is rude, so i don’t ever tell anyone when the family will be in) then they ask, okay, so the funeral will be at what church? I say, they will not be attending any church, all services are here at the funeral home. then they say, well what about afterward, are we going to a cemetery, and i repeat myself and tell them yes, after the services here at the funeral home, then you will process to so and so cemetery. all the time this happens. most of the time i get “only one day of viewing?” “there won’t be another day for those of us who can’t attend the first day?” why is it my fault that what the family chose is not good enough for you? same thing with a death notice or obit. i get asked, i hears so and so passed away and will be laid out at your funeral home but i have not seen the obituary, when will it be in the paper? or how come you did not put an obit in the paper? Well……………sometimes the family does not want it in the paper. it is up to the family if they want it in the paper. the family also has to PAY to put it in the paper and it is not cheap! so….i have to explain that the family chose not to put a notice in the paper. people are just confused as to why someone would not put a death notice in the paper! i have actually been yelled at because of this. it is not up to me!! really! i swear! i get asked ‘how are people suppose to find out?’ I DO NOT KNOW! call the family and ask them why they didn’t do it. geeezus! i had a family the other day whose mother passed away and there was to be an autopsy. the funeral home has no control over any of that! either the hospital does the autopsy or the medical examiner. NOT US! so we cannot control how fast it will be or when we will be able to go pick the body up. REALLY! we have to wait just like you! when they tell us that we can come for the body, well, thats when we will go. so back off! this family was on us for 2 days. i really really really don’t have any control over it. i even heard you on your phone with the nurse and she told you that she did not even know when they were going to do the autopsy! anyway……….they are in a hurry and wanted to get it done and over with. yeah? me too! like i always say, some families are great, but most of the time….not so much.

well, i have a couple of days off and i am going to enjoy not being at work! finally a few days off! hard to believe! oh, i’m sure i will hear the gossip though…….will upate soon.

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