Uhhgg….another one of those…….

another pain in the ass family …….

have arrangement for a kid who is 19. he od’d at a friend’s house. mom and dad are both drug addicts, his friends are drug addicts, his girlfriend is a drug addict. there are restraining orders on his girlfriend and some of his friends. so, what a great family! so his uncle is trying to plan this kids funeral and he really doesn’t have any money…. so everything was put on hold until he could figure out how to get money for this funeral. of course they wanted a big funeral since this kid is only 19. BUT, like i said before, you can only do what you can afford, so they settled on a few hours of viewing with cremation. but they were unsure of when this was going to be because like i said the uncle is trying to get money. in the meantime i have all of this kids friends calling the funeral home trying to get information. how did he die? where is he at? when can we come see him? why is it taking so long? UHHGGHH! then the girlfriend said she was going to come up to see him whether we liked it or not! that we cannot keep her from seeing him. OH YES WE CAN! the friends have been stopping up at the funeral home insisting that they are ALL his best friends and that they want to see him NOW! and why are we keeping this from everyone. I don’t know how many times i have had to tell people, “you have to talk to the family, we are waiting on instructions from the family, they are undecided at the time about visitation”. these kids are relentless. then they ask “what does he look like”. what did the autopsy say? well, first of all the funeral home does not get the autopsy results so we do not know, and considering this just happened the autopsy report probably is not available yet anyway and when it is only the family will be able to request it. the only thing we will get is the death certificate and right now that death certificate is “pending”, which means it can take up to 3 month if not longer for the cause of death to be entered on that death certificate. these little drug riddled friends of his think we are lying to them. and all of them think they are going to get in trouble because this kid od’d at one of their homes. they are snotty and bitchy, all of them. if you think for one minute that i am going to put up with your snotty foul mouth, your wrong! you don’t come in to my funeral home and start demanding that i let you do anything! and accuse me of lying to you about his whereabouts and the cause of death. to be honest, it is none of your business whatsoever! i don’t even have to answer the door when you show up, i don’t have to talk to you on the phone, just like i did with one snotty little bitch who called and started getting in my shit because i “wouldn’t” give her the funeral arrangement time (I DON”T KNOW THEM YET!) told her that i did not have that information yet, and she would have to wait just like everyone else or contact the family and ask them what the hold up is and to please not call here again! well, apparently the uncle came up with the money and they have decided to have the funeral tomorrow. i can just imagine what the funeral home is going to look like. a bunch of ignorant trailer trash drug addicts. how much you wanna bet there will be mounds of food in our lounge and a whole gaggle of degenerates piled outside smoking cigarette after cigarette? then the uncle says that the girlfriend is no allowed in. well, got news for you, it is not our job to sit and wait for anyone to show up, i don’t know who his girlfriend is nor what she looks like. if she shows up and is not causing a problem then i can’t make her leave. if she does cause a problem then of course i will call the police, or the family can call. then the mother actually had a list of people who could not attend and tried to give me this list. first of all, how the fuck do i know who these people are? we don’t stand at the door and ask each person who enters what their names are. you don’t want them there, then you stand by the door and YOU tell them to leave. can’t fucking wait to see how this funeral is going to turn out. this is a joke! a freaking joke! geeee, just got another call while i am writing this. pain in the ass kids who think they fucking know it all. she just fucking told me that “by law” we cannot hold the body for more than 48 hours. WHAT? fuck you, you little fucking bitch. better go back to law school sweet heart. who do these kids think they are know a days? I told her i can hold the body for as long as i want. told her the funeral is tomorrow. and gave her the times. OF COURSE she is one of his best friends and would like to see him before everyone else shows up. NOPE! told her NO. you cannot come any earlier, if you do you will have to sit and wait until the family shows up. we will not let you in. she actually said to me that she has never heard of such a thing. well, yeah, she is probably right, since this girl is maybe all of 18 yrs old. I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow just so i can be a BITCH! i know i sound awful right now, but i can’t stand how these kids are these days. where are their parents? who is raising these kids to act like this? my mother would have slapped me across the mouth if i ever spoke like that to ANYONE! there are rules when it comes to viewing a body. first one is, the FAMILY goes in first. if the family wants other people to come in with them, thats fine, but it is up to them. NOT ME! so when you arrive earlier than the visitation starts, you will not be let in, i don’t care if you have a lunch date with the President of the United States or the Pope himself, you will NOT be let in until that family arrives and either tells me that you can go in with them or just lets you in themselves. It is the families right to see their loved one before anyone else. OH and to the two guys who want excuse letters for the past 3 days. UH……..NO! you will get an excuse letter for the day of the funeral ONLY! yeah, got some nasty words outta them two losers, go fuck yourself, better yet, go get stoned again. maybe some of you should have been allowed to see your friend torn open on the table after the autopsy, maybe it would sink in your heads that drugs aren’t such a great thing afterall! okay, i was going to finish there, but just had another encounter with some more of this kids retarded friends. they actually wanted to see him now. NO, he is not ready for viewing, it is tomorrow, I tell them. they said that they really don’t want to come tomorrow while everyone else is here, because, gee, guess what, they don’t get along with this kids family, I tell them too bad. they want to come first thing in the morning to see him. I explain what i just wrote above, that we cannot let anyone else in until the family sees him first. the one kids says, we won’t tell! I say “No”. the other one starts getting cocky and tells me they just might show up anyway and then what? I tell him to go ahead and show up, see what happens, YOU STILL won’t be let in. PERIOD! SO, they ask if they can come later after the funeral is over. I tell them again, NO. He will be going directly to the crematory after the service is finished. They want to know why we can’t just wait until they see him. I tell them NO, sorry, you will have to leave now, if you want to see him you will have to come back tomorrow between the hours of visitation. . So they leave, then apparently came up with the brilliant idea to call me right away and ask me if they can see the cremation. I tell them that they are not allowed to view the cremation because they are not next of kin and they do not have the next of kin okay to witness and if they did it would cost them about $300 to witness. they insisted that i was lying to them because they have never heard of in the first place that we have to actually “take” the body to a crematory. that if we were telling the truth we would be cremating him at our funeral home. I had to tell them that a funeral home is not allowed to run a crematory or a cemetery, it is again out state law. so, there are another two loser trash law students. alright, i’m done…….for now anyway…….

One Response to “Uhhgg….another one of those…….”

  1. olive grenade Says:

    teenagers think they can get away with saying anything.
    once again, bravo for keeping your cool.

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