But….I have to eat my lunch!

I’m not sure if I wrote about this the other day or not, but anyway, I had an arrangement one day last week that was scheduled for 1pm. The funeral arrangements were pre-arranged, and it was just a Simple Cremation (no viewing, no visitation, just take body to crematory and then crematory deliver cremains to us, family picks up). Even though it was pre-arranged, the family still must come in to sign all the proper paperwork and sometimes they still owe some money. Well, of course we had a funeral that day and the Director had scheduled that arrangement at 1pm because she knew that she would be back by then. We also had another family coming in at 2:30pm for another arrangement, so 1pm was perfect. Well, about 12pm I get a call from the mother of the deceased. Now mind you, the deceased was only 38 yrs old. Well, she asked me , or rather told me, that she was coming from home, which is about 1/2 hour away from the funeral home, but that “they” have not ate lunch yet, so she was wondering if they could just come after lunch. I asked well, what time would that be. She replied, in a disgusted tone, that she has no idea what time they would be done, how does she know how long it will take for them to be seated and served and then to eat. GEEZUS! I said, “NO”, you have to come at 1pm because we have another appt. at 2:30p. She asked if they could come after 2:30pm? I again, said “NO”, because I have no idea how long it will take for the other arrangement to finish up, just like she doesn’t know how long it will take to eat lunch………………!!!  She continued to bitch about her not getting to eat lunch before they came in and that she hasn’t ate anything all day. Well, you know what, not my problem, what I can’t wrap my head around is the fact that your 38 yr old son just died and you are more concerned about what you’re going to shove down you neck for lunch. Anyway, she finally said, that they would make it by 1pm. Then of course once they arrive, the mother just can’t understand why she had to come here in the first place if it was all pre-arranged. Well, like ALL of the people who pre-arrange funeral for someone, they are told that at the time of death they are still required to come to the funeral home to finalize the arrangement. Which typically means, if it is a Simple Creation, to sign the appropriate paper work. In some cases pre-arranged nerals are done maybe a few months ahead of time, and some people decide that they are going to make payments toward the funeral. Well then death occurs and there is still an outstanding balance. Well, you have to come into pay the rest of the bill. Sign paperwork, let us know how many Death Certificates you want. AND MOST of the time people decide to make changes!

When calling a funeral home to ask about pricing, if you are calling to find out how much “just” a cremation is, be more specific. Say you want cremation, but you also want viewing before the body is cremated. Well, that is a different charge than JUST a cremation. I will give out the price of a simple cremation, but then add that it does not include any viewing just the removal from place of death, the cost of the cremation fees, all taxes and that is it. IF you want something more than that, please say so. Say, I want to know how much for 1 day of viewing with cremation, no church service, everything to conclude at funeral home, then the body cremated. I know that it is very confusing, but what will happen is if you call ANY funeral home, and you ask that you are going to get JUST a simple cremation price. I also don’t get why people insist on telling me once I do give them a price on a funeral, why I need to know that so and so funeral home will do it for X amount of dollars why don’t we? Well, because we don’t that’s why. If you like their prices better than go there. I don’t care what X funeral home charges. Also don’t come in with an attitude that you are not going to pay what we charge because so and so is cheaper. Again, go there then! I have a family right now who cannot make up their minds because they don’t have any money, so the poor guy is laying in morgue right now waiting on the family to make up their minds. Of course, this family want a viewing, 2 days, service the 3rd day. Then they want to go to church, then have a procession to the cemetery. Again, and I know I have said it a million times, THIS IS EXPENSIVE! oh and did I say they also HAVE to have 2 limo’s? COME ON! Who is the limo’s for? It certainly isn’t for the deceased because he is going to be in the hearse! But yet, sit in front of me and carry on that you just want to do right by your father and give him a nice funeral. Not only is our charges going to expensive for this type of funeral but now you have added on the donation to the church, you also have to pay the cemetery charges. For one you don’t even have a plot at the cemetery, which you will now have to purchase, then you will have to pay opening and closing cost which run about $1000.00 !! Then you want to add 2 Limo’s on to that? Come on. Not to mention, the casket you picked out cost $2800.00 and the vault, which you wanted to better one, but we actually said that the least expensive one will be just fine, because we are TRYING to help you with the money issue, anyway, the vault is $600. So, for someone who has no money to pay for the funeral you sure do want alot! be realistic. No one is going to judge you because you can’t have a big huge funeral. And if they do, then tell them to fork over some cash for it then! Time are tough. Are you really doing this for grandpa or are you doing this to show off? My guess at this point is Grandpa wants to get the hell outta the morgue and be done with it! Because now they are saying that another funeral home can do it a few hundred cheaper. Like I said before, then go! and I don’t mean to sound harsh when I say that, I mean it as I understand. If someone can do the same thing for you and you are going to be happy then by all means GO! I WOULD!

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