Problem people….

what i cannot understand….ever… the people who insist on showing up an hour early! now, they really couldn’t afford much to begin with. so they decided to just a memorial for their sister. and they decided to have the memorial at the funeral home. well, the times that were scheduled for over a week, were from 11am to 12pm and they were going to have a service at 12pm. well, they decided to show up at 10am. if they wanted 10am they would have had to pay for another hour. but……….i guess people just think if they show up early, what are we gonna do, make them leave? we should! or tell them they now owe us more money. they know what they are doing! they know we aren’t going to make them leave. but i can tell you that when i have had other families show up TOO early, i tell them we are not prepared for them yet and make them wait until we are. usually the only reason i would not be prepared is if there was a body laid out for viewing and i still had makeup to touch up or more flowers that were already delivered that had not been set up yet. but these people were the same family that just showed up at the end of the day the other day to make arrangements at 5:30pm then showed up the following day at the same time to finalize the bitched about shit then apologized for just walking in, etc…….so, yeah, i was irritated. so they sucked an hour out of us. not unusual for ignorant people to do. and i am really really really really really really really really really tired of people bringing in FOOD! i know i bitch about it ALL the time, but for the love of GOD, why would you want to eat your dinner at a funeral home anyway? and why would you wait until almost closing time to order it? i want to go home too! i have been there for 7 hours, working, for you! making YOU more coffee, emptying you trash!! cleaning up your spills on the floor that you just walk over, picking up snotty tissues all over the place because you can’t pick them up yourself, getting more toilet paper only to find the trash all over the floor when the trash can is right there! or when someone forgets to flush the toilet, DISGUSTING, flush the toilet is it that hard? then you decide to order your dinner at 8:30pm all 8 of you!?!? come on! now, most other funeral home around here, i know some employees that work at them, and i have actually been to funerals at other funeral homes and let me tell you, they kick you out at closing time! most funeral homes close up at 9pm. don’t forget that the employee has to stay to clean up a bit and shut the lights up and close the building or the cleaning crew shows up at a certain time to start cleaning, they are being paid by the hour as well. they have to get it done and get out! so usually at the other places they actually go to the family and around 8pm and tell them they have to start cleaning up their mess in the lounge if they have anything in there and they aren’t allowed to leave it for the following day either! then when it is almost 9pm they go to the family and tell them it is time to go! be respectful and pay attention to the time! when you see that it is almost time to go, get your things and know that the funeral home is closing! that there is actually am person that wants to go home too.

3 Responses to “Problem people….”

  1. parlor gal Says:

    Returning to families that stay too late—I found that some do not leave at all !!! What the heck do we find in our parking lot but the family, yes the family, TAILGATING !!!! I’m talking beer and wine coolers–thank God they don’t have a grill !!!! Was there a football game scheduled after the viewing ??!!?? This happens a few times when weather is nice. Often wonder how long they stay after we leave. Did ya ever hear of a BAR ????!!!! NO HANGOVERS FOR THE FUNERAL !!! (if they were nice we won’t call the fuzz) Have you ever had this happen or is it an east coast thing ????

  2. parlor gal Says:

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!!! To all the people out there that stay WAY,WAY too late at a viewing—–we already know you have NO consideration AT ALL for the evening hostesses but you have no consideration AT ALL for the family you are visiting either!!!! What??? How can this be????? Well I’ll fill you in. THE FAMILY IS VERY,VERY TIRED!!!!! Did you stop to think about that at all????? THEY ALSO wish to go home–no kidding!!!!! That family,who is mourning by the way,does not want to be rude to anyone kind enough to stop in for the viewing. STOP IN, PAY YOUR RESPECTS THEN GO!!!! It is not their job to entertain you either. MANY MANY MANY times a family member will come to us for help to get you OUT when the viewing time has been over for a while AND YOU PEOPLE WON’T LEAVE!!!!! Please have some consideration for THEM. On the flip side,you also have some family members that don’t know when to get the hell out either but I’ll save that for later.

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