more no show’s………errghhhh

do people really feel that it is okay to just not show up for appointments anymore without calling? this seems to be a reoccurring trend the last 2 weeks. i know, i know, someone has died and you have a million and one things going on plus the sadness that goes along with loosing someone you love. and maybe people don’t realize that they are actually taking time away from someone else that has just lost someone who could have taken that appointment. i don’t know……….also, i guess i don’t find this to be such a bad thing, but received a call from a woman the other day who wanted to know how much a funeral would be. she told me what they were looking for in regards to what type of visitation and service, so i gave her a price. i asked if someone had passed away already and she said yes that they were calling around to get an idea of prices. okay, fine. then not the next day but the day after that, received a call from the same lady. now this was about 5pm on a friday. they wanted to come ‘right’ in, right now, this minute! they wanted to get this done! hmmm, well, you waited 2 days, and now all of the sudden it has to be done, NOW! ? ! well, geee, guess what? no one was available to come down right NOW! so, she was asked if they could come the following morning at 9am. she said “okay’ . she was explained to that we had a service that evening with another family, that is why no one was available. she wasn’t too pleased, but this is what bothers me. why is it that you don’t care that another family who lost someone as well is having a service? why do you feel you are more important? anyway, guess this lady decided to go someplace else because, uh huh, she never showed up or called. whatever…………..

for those of you who need work excuses, i am not going to write down dates that you were not at the funeral home. i don’t care if aunt mildred died last week and the funeral is this week. i am not going to put on the excuse that you are to be excused from work for 7 days! my excuse letter excuses you from work for the actual days you were physically at my funeral home. i will even sometimes write the day you came for arrangements, if you were there for them. don’t think you’re pulling a fast one either when you wait a week then call saying you need one for such and such days because i pull the file and see what days it was.

there is also no way i “rush” getting a death certificate any faster! there is a process that we have to follow. we have to secure the doctor signature. which mean, first we have to find out what doctor will be signing it. once we find that out we have to actually go to that doctor’s office to get his signature. so that means we have to find out what the doctors hours are and ask what time we can come by. if, say that doctor is busy when we get there, we have to sit and wait. once we get the signature, then we have to file it at the appropriate city clerks office. the death cert. is filed in the city in which the deceased passed away in. so if the doctor is in one city, the deceased died in another we have alot of travel time here. at the same time we may be getting other death certificates signed as well, which means sometimes we are going to several doctors offices in one day. that could take ALL day. so maybe the next day we will actually be able to go to the city clerks office and get it filed. again, we may have to go to several different city clerks office  and that could take ALL day. so once all of that is done, we have the death certificates. the person who is doing the death certificates has to bring them back to the office, THEN we can call and let you know that they are ready to be picked up. how do you propose we “put a rush” on them for you? just screw the other families and make them wait because your more important? we do the death certificates as a courtesy for you, we don’t even charge you for it. the only charge is the cost of the death certificates, the cost is what the city clerks charges, NOT US! if you bring us an insurance policy to pay for the funeral bill, of course we will do that for you, but the insurance company requires a certified copy of the death certificate! so one of those death certificates comes out of what you purchased. why would we pay for one death certificate for YOUR insurance policy? again, we are doing you a favor by accepting the payment from the insurance company, we are actually doing all the work, calling, filling out the claim, getting the death cert. and mailing it to them. again, we aren’t charging you for the work! so yeah, we are taking one death certificate for the insurance the same one that you would have to use if you were going to do yourself. also it takes up to a month, sometimes longer to receive payment from the insurance company. so when you call to ask if we have been paid yet and i say no, why is it that you feel it is my fault? i know you are probably waiting for your portion of that payment, if there is any, but again, out of my control! call the insurance company and ask them, not me! we want our money just as much as you want yours.

our office is usually open until 6pm. if we do not have any visitation going on, we close at 6pm. that means that NO ONE is in the building. i understand that most people work during the day. but when someone has to come to our office but they can’t make it by the time we close, why do you think i am going to sit and wait for you to get there? if i would be 5 or 10 minutes, i don’t usually have a problem with that, but when you bitch that you cannot possible make it by 6:10pm and you can’t get there until around 7pm, what in the world makes you think that i am going to stay and wait for you? i have been at work for 9 hours too, i am not waiting another hour or more because you can’t there. make arrangements with your employer to leave early, come at your lunch hour if you can, but don’t expect me to sit and wait on you.


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