now shows……can you just call and cancel?

apparently people don’t feel the need to be respectful and cancel appointments anymore. yet again, another family schedules an appt. for arrangement and they don’t show up, they don’t call……..nothing. Thanks! Thanks a whole freakin lot! Our time is just as valuable as yours! We also have other families that could have come when you were suppose to, but…….we waited for your ignorant asses to show up.


on to the next bunch of trailer trash folks. we get asked a lot, especially these days “what are people who don’t have any money suppose to do?” I know I have bitched about this in the past, ALOT. But, there is a difference when certain people ask, it’s the “way” they ask. This particular family asked like it was our fault that they could not afford to pay. Again, we aren’t going to GIVE it to you for free. Really, come on. Bitching and talking to us like that will get you NOWHERE! It will definitely NOT get you a discount that’s for sure. So, they came in, made ALL the arrangements, which was just a simple cremation, they wanted to apply for state aid, well, we told them they could so they wouldn’t have to pay so much since that is all they kept saying, is that they had no money to pay for it. Get all finished, all the paper work signed, contract wrote up, assistance papers printed out and signed and then the family says “how do you expect people to pay for this?” seriously? then they added that they could go to another funeral home and pay less for the same thing. Okay, so go then, and that is exactly what we said, “if you feel that you can get that price at the funeral home, then by all means you should go”. And so the did! Got up and walked out. There were six of them that showed up, so you mean to tell me that between the six of them they couldn’t come up with the money? AND, if they would have went to get assistance, then they would actually be paying less than the other funeral home. Don’t want to deal with that type of family anyway…..I know times are tough right now. The people who have jobs should be thanking their lucky stars, it just pisses me off that people for some reason think that just because we are a funeral home that we have to lower our prices just because “they” can’t afford it. Our prices are already rock bottom right now, there is no possible way we can drop them anymore without actually paying for “their” funeral!!

On to the next family. Walked in at 5:40pm. We close up at 6pm. Yes, I understand that it isn’t 6pm….YET… but it’s awfully close. THEN, since of course there is no Director there, we have to call one to come in. AND guess what…yep, they are irritated. Hey, jerk offs, did ya think maybe to call FIRST? guess not. Then yesterday, guess what? YEP, at 5:30pm guess who shows up again? Uh huh….you guessed it, the same family. I asked what i could do for them today, and they said they needed to speak to us regarding some of the arrangements. Hmmmm, guess who wasn’t there? YEP a Director. I just said that I would have to help them I am the only one left for the day. They just shrugged and said that they just needed to add some things, nothing major, which it wasn’t, something they could have done over the phone, really. BUT, they also paid the bill too. But, they complained about the day before and said that they realized that they came almost at closing, but “it wasn’t closing, it was almost closing so that doesn’t count, we lost our sister and we expected regardless to be treated with sympathy and respect and that they did not feel that they should have to call before coming to a funeral home to make arrangements and if they wanted to, they could have come after hours and forced someone to meet them there”. OH BOY! Then continued saying that they apologize for not calling and realized that maybe they “should” have. HUH? I’m confused…………    SO, I am thinking to myself, you showed up late yesterday and now you are apologizing, BUT…….you did it again today, just now. This is where things get screwed up and people get pissed off…. Someone passes away. Your upset and not thinking clearly. You want to make funeral arrangements. So, you hop in the car with your family and make your way to the funeral home. You did not call first. You show up and come to find out, either you have to wait because there is another family already there making arrangements for someone in their family who just passed away. See, these people have the same right to be there as you do. They deserve the same quality time as your going to get……….WHEN it’s your turn! But, you get pissed off anyway. So why do you think you are more important than the family that is already there? This is what pisses me off the most. And when I tell you that you are either going to have to wait or come back I get attitude. Or, I just love when we are actually in the middle of a funeral service and a family walks in. Did you not see ALL the cars outside with flags on them let alone that BIG black car called a hearse? That means that we are having a funeral service. So again, what makes you feel more important? I get you rolling your eyes at me, comments that I CAN HEAR that you make to the others you came in with, etc. Amazing.

One more thing. When you want to bring in picture boards in, that’s fine, not a big deal at all, but do you really need more than 3 of them? I only have 3 easels. So when you bring in more than 3 and I tell you that I only have 3 easles, please don’t get pissy with me. Then ask me about something to prop up pictures with. I can only do so much. We are not a portrait studio.

well, we’ll see how the new week turns out………..adios


5 Responses to “now shows……can you just call and cancel?”

  1. “Shallotbesaid” The Bizz has made it quite clear on her blog many times that it is a blog about venting her feelings and frustrations, it is not a sympathy blog. The Bizz has also indicated that she retains professional and helpful in her position at work and judging by some people she has to work with, I don’t blame her really for spilling the f word many times (that’s a great word, isn’t it Bizz? It makes one feel so much better! I say it a hell of lot after work!)

    Many health and community care workers are in the same situation where they have to deal with a lot of abuse from people and very little appreciation for the work they put into their jobs and actually helping these people in the first place.

    As for the comment on poor grammar, bear in mind you are surfing the Net and visiting a personal blog, therefore there are no rules on grammar or spelling. While we’re on the topic of grammar, I would question your pseudonym “shallotbesaid”. It reads as “shall” is printed only with one “l” and “lot” as “ot” if you take the two “ll” for “shall”. Therefore if you are intent on grammar, your name should actually contain three “l”s. And shall lot be said is not even a real grammatical structured sentence if you are putting it that way.

    (By the way, Bizz, I’m apologise for ranting about my own work earlier in your blog. Guess I got into the moment of wanting to have a rant as well about how people are in this world. Sorry for that.)

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      Thank you Amanda! I know I do not have the best grammer when I am writing my blog but usually I am in a hurry. I don’t get a lot of time to sit and “bitch” alot these days, so if I do happen to misspell a word or three…..oh well!

  2. ShallotBeSaid Says:

    I suggest a job change plus intense psychotherapy. You contridict yourself constantly about the things you do that you HATE to see in others. I’m not sure a therapist could even help you sort through this judgementalism. I’ve been a part of about 20 funerals in my lifetime and I can tell you there WAS a time when payment plans were offered, maybe your age limits your understanding of this old time tradition. Anytime something costs a minimum of $2,000 for the most basic of basics, there is usually financing offered.

    Even Walmart does this or Rent-A-Center or even the most ghetto of car dealerships. The only exception would be in the business of undertaking. Everything is insanely overpriced to encourage people to pay you the intense overhead to do it or they find themselves in a local print shop doing their own prayer cards. All because the prices are outrageous for the smallest services you offer.

    I also am ashamed you work at any front desk with your “It’s not my problem” attitude. How about working for the Post Office instead, you’d fit in perfectly there. I suspect you are no where near the prime of your life based on how immature you sound, most people grow out of this sort of attitude by a certain time in their life.

    Another young gossipy little hen in the work place who hates gossip when it’s about her. Hates her boss but expects him to get others to do what she wants, but hates that he’s fed up with the bullshit she’s putting him through. A typical bitchy, rageful young woman who has tons of judgement and jealousy issues from her childhood. It’s seen all the time in every occupation. It’s a sad thing that you work with those who are at the rock bottom in their lives and say “hey it’s not my problem”. Well, no one said it was, but you fear someone thinks it is your problem so you are on the defense.

    I would use your ass for cleaning services at the very most, your English and Grammar skills are very poor. You shouldn’t be representing any business but that which has to pick up garbage and keep her mouth shut. I feel incredibily sorry for your husband. There is no way with this sort of talk to those who show up uninvited, unplanned and not on your books and the backstabbing behavior (which you are notable for in your blogs) that you could be sparing anyone close to you from your misery.

    Misery loves company, which is why you created the blog and yeah yeah I know, if I don’t like it, don’t read it. Don’t worry, I won’t be reading it any further. You gave me enough bullshit to fill a 1,000 acres. Each blog entry read exactly as the previous one and less and less comments are posted because it’s a one-note symphony of crap only a couple of devoted fans can continue to praise you for.

    Your rage comes from no one feeling sorry for you when every little thing riles you up and you don’t get the attention you feel you deserve *or respect as you’d like to call it* so you take it out on everyone else even more so because you feel sorry for yourself.

    Take your own advice and shut up, stop complaining and do your job—–actually——do your job well. Not the half-assed shit we all see you are doing and cutting corners to get by and hope you don’t get noticed. Pathetic employee, pathetic co-worker and most of all pathetic human being. I feel sorry for the proverbial cancer you are to everyone around you. But hey, I’m just glad YOU aren’t my problem.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      only response i have is this……
      1: I do not make up the pricing in the WHOLE funeral business.
      2: I DO my job and do my job well. NO cutting corners, ever. How would you know how i do my job? you don’t. because you do not know me.

      Thank you for your feedback.

    • olive grenade Says:

      it’s not walmart or rent-a-center, it’s a fucking funeral home. funerals are a lot more expensive than the cheap shit you can put on layaway at walmart.
      that being said… sure, there may be a time when you “remember” a time of payment plans and financing… those times are obviously through, at least at the funeral home she works at.

      and why would you read this far if it annoyed you that much? also, if you made it this far, then you undoubtedly read (several times) where she said that she uses this blog to vent frustrations.

      … last thing…. “i feel sorry for the proverbial cancer that you are to everyone around you.”
      don’t you think that’s being a liiittle dramatic…?

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