put the cell phones away….

I guess I just don’t get it…  why would anyone decide that it is okay to use their cell phone while at a funeral? Is the phone call that important? I had a visitation yesterday. LOTS of people showed up. Lots of little brats were there as well…go figure. Did the parents seem to care that they were running up and down the halls and screaming on top of their lungs? NOPE! ALL DAY and from what I hear ALL NIGHT! How many times do you have to yell at other peoples kids before they get the hint? SO, once again people, the funeral home is NOT your babysitter and even though you may feel that it is a safe place to let your kids roam around, IT IS NOT! There are things the kids can get into and it IS NOT a place where they should be running and screaming! So, then the funeral was this morning. The actual funeral service was to start at 10am. NO ONE showed up on time! How does this happen? Then when the family did finally arrive a half hour LATE, and the service began, if that is what you want to call it, the Pastor began speaking and geee, guess what, NO ONE was paying attention. HOW FREAKING RUDE, and the kids again were running up and down the halls screaming and running in and out of the chapel, do you people really no have the common sense to behave at a funeral even? I am so sick of people just carrying on however they feel with no regards to what is going on around them. So, the service raps up and the friends are passing by the casket and speaking to the family, and this one skinny crack riddled whore decided she MUST be on her cell phone. You my dear are a dumb ignorant bitch! You were not even being quite about it. Just walking around talking and laughing. You know what i have to say to you? FUCK YOU! Hopefully when someone dear to you passes away and you are saying your last good byes while the funeral home employees are getting ready to close the casket and you are crying because you know this is the last time you will ever see this person, I hope that someone is as rude as you are and gets on their cell phone and stars carrying on a conversation and laughing and talking. And to those of you who thought it okay to just get up in the middle of the service and walk out of the chapel, fuck you too! I am also sick of people, just dumbfucks off the street coming to my door and asking for money or if they can use the restroom. What does the place look like to you a fucking rest area? It is a funeral home, why do you think we would have any money on hand to just pass out? IGNORANT! Don’t fucking just decide that while you are walking by that for some unknown fucking reason, you are just going to see if my door is open by pulling on it. Why the fuck do you do that? You always walk by buildings and just try to open doors? This goes for the actual people who come to the funeral home because they have an appt. or because their dumbasses decide that they are just going to SHOW up because someone died and did not call for an appt. You walk up to the door and immediately try to open it. When it doesn’t open you start pulling on the fucking door, like it will magically open for your dumbass! TRY READING THE BIG FUCKING SIGN right in front of you dumb fuck face that says RING BELL! If there is nothing going on, we keep the doors LOCKED just like most other funeral homes! FUCK! Yes, I am irritated today. just sick of fucking people who don’t give a fuck. I am sick of driving home and some dick head riding my ass when I am already speeding. Sick of people who are in the fast lane not even doing the fucking speed limit! Sick of LIARS! Sick of getting questioned about other (yes the new bitch) employees work. If I wasn’t there, then I don’t fucking know and if you want me to know then get rid of the whore bimbo twat and have me there. I am NOT double checking her fucking work anymore. If she fucks shit up, too fucking bad. And when I am asked I am say, ASK WHORE, she did it! I’m done now…………I feel a little better………….now I am going to bed.


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