why make an appointment then……..?

Had an arrangement at 9:30am. okay. got everything together, Director got there, family was late. We were sitting around doing office work, etc…family still not there. The arrangement was just for a direct cremation, but still…..Director stayed until 11am. We also had another arrangement at 1:30pm. SO…….I tried to call the woman whose contact number I had and no answer no machine/voice mail. SO…….of the director went. I continued on with my work and about 12:30p I decided that I was going to get some lunch. I brought my lunch in, so I went to the kitchen and put it in the microwave, turned on our television and got something to drink, grabbed my lunch out of the microwave and was just about to sit down and I glanced out the window and guess what……………………………….at 12:45pm the 9:30am appointment arrives. Well, that is what I assumed anyway when I saw two people walking up to the building. AND I assumed correctly. When i answered the door, I asked what I could do for them, although i really did know who these idiots were who showed up 3 1/2 hours late, with not so much as a fucking phone call! RUDE! as usual. Have some fucking manners, make a fucking appointment and show the fuck up or call and cancel or for fuck sake let us know you can’t make it, don’t just ASSUME we will be able to help you when you DECIDE to just SHOW THE FUCK UP! Who the fuck do you think you are? (i like the word fuck today again) Then when I tell you we expected you at 9:30am and the Director waited until 11am and now he is gone, but should be back soon because he HAS ANOTHER FAMILY TO MEET WITH, you fucking look at me like I am being a bitch? FUCK YOU! I didn’t even say it with an attitude, i was just saying the TRUTH! I even said go ahead and go into the office, that I would take care of you. While I go into the other room to call the director, i can hear your smart-ass remarks. YOU show up late and then have the nerve to roll your eyes and make rude remarks? REALLY who the fuck do you think you are?  Then to top it off, you, OF COURSE, don’t have any money to pay for the funeral arrangements. GEEEZZZZZZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSS! Really? I want to roll my eyes now. I want so bad to say “Let me get this straight, you show up over 3 hours late, treat me like a piece of shit, then tell me that you have no money to pay for this, and ask me what I can do for you.” You know what I want to say to you? Really, what I want to say to you?  Well somehow you managed to pull a wad of cash out of your pocket didn’t you? whatever!

Okay, have another problem, if a loved one dies in your family and a major holiday is like within the next two days, would you go ahead and have the visitation on the day of the holiday? I wouldn’t. For one, I don’t think I would want to remember my loved on a day that is suppose to be a happy joyous time. Second, I wouldn’t feel right expecting relatives and friends to show up during a holiday when people are usually busy doing ‘holiday stuff’. I would either try to get the funeral out of the way before hand, granted there was sufficient time, or wait until afterward, whether it be the day after or 2 days after. I mean, if you are planning a viewing, then the body is going to embalmed therefore the body will be preserved over the next few days. At least I would know that others won’t have to rush to the funeral home, not really wanting to. Just my thoughts.


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