Oh, you know, just the usual………..

Just the usual pain in the asses. My know-it-all co-worker. I am so fed up that she cannot admit when she fucks up! If she doesn’t know how to do something, she just lets it set there for someone else to take care of it. She is so good at making up stories, it amazes me. And what amazes me even more is that they believe her.  I’m not the only one who has voiced my concern over her story making. One of the other “higher-up’s” voiced their concern about it not too long ago. But, even they were ‘kinda’ shot down in their attempt to bring reality to the boss! I don’t understand how someone can just lie and elaborate like she does. Does she not think that we know what she is doing? Uhhgg, I can’t stand her! The only thing that really amuses me is the stories she comes up with and the shit that she fucks up, it’s comical almost. I can’t wait to get phone calls from other employees bitching about her fuck ups. Oh well.

Then about a week ago, I had a service at the funeral home. It was VERY large, standing room only. I don’t think I blogged about this yet, may have, so if I am repeating myself, my apologies, I didn’t go back and read what I last wrote about. Anyway, this was a huge service, standing room only and was to last about 1 and half hours according to the minister. Well, that is a long time! Anyway……first off, there were so many people, of course we did not have enough seating, so there were alot of people in the hall ways. Well, some of these self centered ignorant folks decide that they are going to go about their own business and just chit chat away, and I am not talking about whispering either. There were also alot of children there, and those same ignorant people were letting their kids run around and scream and yell and play with the other kids. Some of them on their phones, others just acting like this was a party, which was really pissing me off. BUT, there were SO many people, I didn’t say a thing. It’s irritating after a while, ya know? I cannot possibly go up to each and everyone of them and tell them to shut their traps. It isn’t like they didn’t know that the service had started and that the minister was speaking. So, I just went about my business and let them be the animals that they are. Well, I was in the office and the other girl who was working comes in and says to me that a family is in the other office and want to make funeral arrangements for their father who just passed away! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?! Where on earth did they park? They must have had to walk 2 blocks to get to the building. AND WHY did they JUST SHOW UP? It was obvious that we were a LITTLE busy! FUCK! SO, let me go back a few and say that approximately an hour prior I received a phone call from a man asking me about pricing. The man said his father passed away etc…… Well, I asked him to hold on one moment because we were in the middle of a service and there was a lot of noise and I wanted to go into the other office so I could hear him, plus this was a military service, so they were shooting off the rifles. He stated that he could hear the commotion, I apologized. SO, I went into the other office and spoke with him about pricing and what not. He said thank you, I SAID TO HIM, if you decide that you would like to come in, please give us a call first, that we, again, were in the middle of a funeral service, and I would need a Director available to help them if they decided to come in. End of conversation. About 10 minutes later, I received another phone call for pricing from anotherwoman, saying her mother passed away and she was calling around for pricing. I gave her some information, and I told her to please call us to schedule an appointment with the Director that we had a very large funeral service and I did not know what time the Director would be back. Hang up. So, I continue  on to when the people who had to have walked a mile to get to our building showed up during our service. THEY are the family who called first! The ones I told to call first. The ones that who could hear the commotion in the back round while I was on the phone with him, because HE TOLD me he could hear the commotion! So, being as irritated as I was sat down and explained that we have a very large service being held as they could see, so let me get some info and I will go grab the Director who was in the chapel waiting for the end of the service. Well, I go to get the Director and let him know that we have a family who walked in to make arrangements. He just shook his head and said “now?” YES! now. SO, I am trying to get out of the chapel when a man who was there for the actual service says to me “there are some people here that are looking for someone who works here”. I am like, what? who? god-damn! So, as I turn the corner from the hallway into the office, I see two girls standing outside the other office where the other walk in family are sitting. I asked the other girl who was working, to please go see what they want while I go talk to the other family. WELL, Low and Behold it is another walk in! FUCKING DUMB FUCKING ASSHOLE FUCKING IGNORANT PAIN IN THE FUCKING ASS SELFISH FUCKS! (now, i know you are all thinking that I am a hateful and mean person, but really, come on, it does not take a genius to figure out that we are in the middle of a fucking funeral!, so why on earth would you just walk in to a place and expect to be helped right away?) So, the other girl explained to them that obviously we have a service going on and that we also have another family that is in to make arrangements as well. Boy, did they have an attitude. So, remember that other phone call I received, well geee, guess who it is? YEP, the girls who walked in. I clearly stated to CALL FIRST! People only hear what they want to hear. Then they get an attitude when they don’t like what YOU HAVE ALREADY TOLD THEM! I went into the other small office where the other girl set them at, and explained that I said to call first and that it is going to be a while before we can help them, i have another family here to make arrangements and a funeral service going on and one Director. I had to call another Director to come help, and explained to them that he is on his way, but I do not know how long it will take him to get here. So, what was the question they asked me….go on guess……….”well, how long do we have to sit here and wait?” WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY? I said “i do not know, when he gets here he will be right in, if you would like to come back later, i can schedule you something for later.” “oh, no, we will wait we are here already, we just didn’t plan on being here for ever”. Well that is just too bad isn’t it. So, I had to stand in the chapel and wait for the service to conclude so I could go grab the Director who was in the with the first family that walked in. Well, lets just say that the service lasted over 2 hours! which is ridiculous, so he was done with the arrangement by then. he took the funeral out, then the other Director finished up with the second walk in not long after that. Talk about a stressful day. During the service though, it was so loud in there that at one point a man came out of the chapel and yelled (LOUD) to the ignorant people in the hallway to “SHUT UP! have some respect!” I’m glad he did that, but no one seemed to care, because no less than 5 minutes later it was just as loud again. When the second walk in was done, the Director handed me the files and said that a sister from the family is suppose to come sign the cremation authorization, so okay….About, 1/2 hour later, she shows up with an attitude, go figure. And wants to know why she had to be bothered to come up here to sign this, why couldn’t someone else sign it. I explained to her why, then she insisted that I make her copies of it. Okay, that’s fine, I don’t mind making copies for people, but really, it is just an authorization to cremate your loved one. If you don’t sign it, they don’t get cremated. Plain and Simple. And, You were “bothered” to come up to finish planning the funeral. Hmmm, BITCH!

Also, I would like to add, when you are coming the last day of the funeral, for the actual funeral service itself, say your funeral service is going to start at 10am. You DO NOT show up at 9am. You are allowed to show up about 1/2 hour prior. We tell people this. So why show up early. I have people show up even earlier than that. I have pulled up to work and have cars already in the parking lot and then i get bitched at because they have been there and want to get in, well, we are not open yet. Also, when planning a funeral, we ALWAYS ask if you want a family hour. You can have a whole hour to yourself before anyone can go in to visit. Or you can have 1/2 hour. Whatever you like, some people have even chose to have 2 hours. BUT, if you decide that you do not want a family hour, DO NOT show up early because you want to see that deceased before anyone else! THAT IS WHAT the family hour is for!!!! ALL the time, I get families showing up an hour early who do not choose to have family hour, when i open the door for them, because I am not expecting anyone yet and they are still locked, and I say ‘can i help you” they say, “oh, we are early, we know, but we wanted to come before anyone else did, and set this or that up and bring in some food, blah blah blah”. I say “well, I am not prepared (usually I am, but i like to have ALL the flowers in before the family arrives and just make sure one last time that everything is perfect), so let me go make sure everything is in order because again I was not expecting you so early”. And, do not try to stay later than you are suppose to either! Say you want your visitation until 9pm. At 9pm LEAVE! I or whoever is working has to clean up a little, close the building down, we do not want to stay any later. you ONLY paid for so many hours, don’t try to SUCK out anymore. usually at 9pm, if you are not starting to disperse, i will go in and say, ‘I am getting ready to clean up, it is 9pm”. usually the family will start getting ready to leave, but more than not, i will get those who shrug their shoulders and just take their sweet ole’ time. You know, fuck you! Then there are those who only want viewing for a few hours. Lets say from 4-6pm with a service at 6pm and the body is to be cremated. Well the service ends and what is the family and visitors doing? Just hanging around, thinking they can suck some more hours out of us, because heaven forbid we tell them they have to get the hell out! No way would we ever be so unsympathetic to someone who is at a funeral. Well, usually we won’t go in and say “get out”, but I will, during your service, shut the lounge down, and any food you have brought in will be covered and moved, any drinks that are lying around will be discarded and ashtrays will be emptied and put away, coffee pots will be emptied and turned off then the lights go off. So, why do so many people insist of running straight to the lounge after the service to light up or try to sneak in one last cup of coffee? And how many times do I have to hear ‘oh, they must want us to leave, everything is shut down”, with an attitude of course. The family paid for a certain amount of time, that is what they get. If they wanted longer then they should have paid for longer! Not my problem. And don’t ask me why the funeral was only 2 hours long. The only answer I can give to you is “because that is what the family choose”.  I still do not understand why people bring in TONS of food when they are only going to be there for a few hours anyway. I hate when i walk by the chapel and see two people sitting in there and the rest of the people crammed into the lounge smoking and eating. Drives me nuts! I can see if you are going to be there ALL day, bring in some meat trays some snacks but not whole meals. Give me a break.

When making the funeral arrangements you are usually asked how many death certificates you want. The person who is the next of kin, or the person who is signing the contract/paying for the funeral is the person who we will contact when the death certificates are ready to pick up. SO, if there is someone else that the family wants to pick up the death certificates, SPEAK UP! WE ALWAYS tell people that whoever is signing is the person we will call ! ! ! Why do we get so many people who fight about the stupidest shit, like the death certificates? For one, death certificates are PUBLIC! ANYONE can go to the clerks office and request one on anyone and pay a small fee and get one. People think that the death certificates are like gold. I explain this to everyone, yet everyone still argues about them! If you aren’t going to use the death certificate for legal matters (mortgage, banking, etc) then a photo copy will do just fine and I will give you a photo copy with no hesitation and no charge! Also, creamted remains. THOSE ONLY GO TO THE NEXT of KIN! We specifically ask who is to pick up the cremated remains, and then we have everyone who is there to sign a paper stating that so and so is the designated person to pick them up. SO, why do I still get so much shit about who is to pick them up? I don’t care if you are the neighbor of 35 years and you took care of the deceased and you are trying to tell me that the daughter who is “suppose” to pick them up is no good and into drugs and just wants the old guys money, she is the next of kin and she is entitled to pick them up! I don’t really care how much drugs she does, I don’t care how much money she is going to get, i don’t care that she is in the house taking all of the furnishings out already. DON’T fucking CARE! It isn’t going to change anything!

If the death certificate is pending, then it is going to be a while before you get the amended! Especially in a busy County (if you know what I mean, big County, more deaths), I explain this yet I still get bitched at. I have NO control over how long it will take. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     And when i do call you and let you know that the amended death certificate is back, please don’t ask me what the cause of death is. Just wait until you pick it up and look for yourself. Because 9 out of 10 times it is going to be a drug overdose. I don’t have a problem really reading it to you, i just feel uncomfortable sometimes, because alot of parents of young people who have died don’t want to beleive that it was an OD. Or sometimes, they don’t even know until they get the death certificate. Then they sound stunned on the phone and then proceed to argue with me about it. Hey, i didn’t do the autopsy, I have nothing to do with what they wrote, call the medical examiner or the doctor. FUCK! I like the word “fuck” today.

Okay, enough today. I think I have vented more than enough. But….I’ll be back!


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