I am so freaking sick of shit I can’t even stand it anymore!  First off, the pain in my ass co-worker, I wish that they would open their eyes and see she is a dimwit! She can’t do shit right! Then she has the nerve to make her little comments that she thinks I won’t hear? screw you! Keep on talking shit….what comes around goes around. I have been forced to fix your mistakes from day one. I don’t have a choice, so to those of you who are thinking, well, just don’t fix them, it really isn’t that easy to do, wish it was! If I don’t fix her mistakes, then I screw up someones funeral and that wouldn’t be so great! otherwise, I wouldn’t touch a freaking thing she does or should I say ‘doesn’t’ do!?!? At least there are more than just me who knows what a lying vindictive manipulative little bitch you really are. You are Oh so good at playing the victim…..I can’t stand you. I will tolerate you because I HAVE to. When I leave you instructions, i expect you to follow them. SO, don’t run off crying that I didn’t tell you this or that, because honestly even though I DO leave you instructions on what to do, you should know how to do it by now anyway.

Alright, on to the next rant I have. I really don’t think I am going to hold back on this one. I really really can’t stand the family we had a few weeks ago, yes, a few weeks ago and it is still pissing me off. I just wanted to slap this bitch in her (stop reading here, if you don’t want to be offeneded)  fucking inbred retarded ugly face! Call me up on the phone and treat me like a piece of shit………..fuck you! THEN, decide to come in to make arrangements. Fine. Then, bitch about our prices, if you don’t like our prices then go someplace else. We are the lowest around, isn’t that why you originally came to us, it is what you said on the phone you stupid whore! THEN you have the nerve to treat us like garbage? THEN tell US that you ARE going to pay us in 30 days or pay us what you can when you can, with you matter of fact fucking attitude. I DON’T think so! When you were told that we DO NOT accept payments that the total is DUE NOW and before we will schedule the services you decided that being more of a bitch would help you? Well, it didn’t did it. you and your inbred retard fucking family go back to your trailer and go screw each other so you can breed some more little retarded heathens. And when speaking to someone, don’t keep asking them ‘why’ about things I would have no idea about. you asked me a questions about your sister bringing in pictures for the service. You asked if she had dropped them off yet when you called me back for the 4th time in one day and when I told you that she had not brought them in, she called and said she would bring them in the next afternoon, you asked me “why”? HOW THE FUCK DO I KNOW WHY? call your fucking inbred sister and ask her yourself.

Also, really people, I know it’s summer, but DRESS nice when you come to a funeral home. I don’t really care if you really are a stipper or a whore, change before showing up! Do you really think it is proper to show up in a jean mini skirt with you ass cheeks hanging out and your white tank top with your red bra underneath and your high heels? Just who the fuck do you think you are? Have some respect, if not for yourself then for the deceased. People are not staring at you because they think you are hot  they are looking at you because they can’t believe that you have the nerve to show up dressed like that, use some common sense!

this goes to ‘one’ of the many bosses we have.                   IF you want us to do our jobs right and efficiently, then get us the proper office tools and equipment! We are asking for it, so we want to do our best, and you keep saying ‘okay’ that you will get it for us…………………it’s been months upon months and I see NOTHING! so if you want me to do what you ask, then I suggest you get the lead outta your ass and do as I ask………quit telling me that I have to do this and do that when you know that I can’t because you haven’t go me the right equipment then when I remind you of that, you say “oh, yeah, I forgot” WTF?!?!


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