just another day………..

Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I blogged…..nothing has changed of course, same pain in the ass co-workers and people!

When “most” people arrange for visitation times we will usually ask if you would like a family hour, usually like this. Visitation will be from 4/5-8pm. Which means from 4-5pm is for family only. Alot of times people will say that they do not want a family hour. Okay, are you sure? You can have a half an hour if you would like? MOST people will take the hour, but then there are those who do not want any family hour. Thats fine too. BUT, do not call me the morning of and ask what time you can come in!!! what do you mean??? are you serious??? It happend today. family to come in at 3pm. the visitation is from 3p-8pm. They did not want a family hour. So call me in the morning and ask me what time you can come in? I don’t get it!?!? Fine, usually we will tell them at that point to come about 1/2 hour early, in this case since there was no body instate, it was just a memorial with no cremated remains even, I told them to come about 20 minutes early. They wanted to come in so they could “set up”, they had about 6 picture boards and they brought in a ton of freaking food and pop and ice and cups and napkins, etc……  Well, low and behold, as I get up to check to see if anymore flower have come in, they pull in the lot at 2:10pm. Is that 20 minutes early? NO!  Is your bill even paid yet? NO! so you sucked out almost an extra hour out of us…..congratualtions!

And to the backstabbing piece of shit co-worker. Screw you! What comes around goes around and I am sitting back waiting until you get yours. Thank goodness I am a patient person. How do you think you are getting away with lying all the time? So you really think that I don’t hear what you say? Or what you lie about? keep trying to make yourself look good, keep playing the victim. Your going to dig your own hole. 



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