I wish that I could write exactly what I want, but……..even though I have never said what company that I work for, what state, etc….I still always feel that someone that I work with or am employed by might happen to come across this and I do not ever want to name names or say exactly the families names, things like that. Certain phrases that I have used at work, etc….that only people at work would know that “I” said it. I would never ever give names of the families or co-workers, EVER!  This leads me to a story that I wanted to share, but it is hard to share without saying certain things.  I had a family that was so, I don’t even know what word to use?? Ummmm, like they were all cousins that all decided to get married to each other…..?  They were messed up! Thank God that I did not have to be there for the visitation or the service. From what I hear it was quite the show! That is all I am going to say about that. But what I will say, is that it’s funny that people will say they have no money, then all of the sudden come up with all this extra money for other things. Other things that are more expensive.

Had another family that not too long ago came in, and said that they did not have alot of money to pay for their mothers funeral, so they decided to have just a direct cremation after much debate. One sister wanted visitation, the brother said they couldn’t afford it, etc….They stuck around forever going back and forth with each other and with us about payment. For one, they all lived out of state. Two, we do not accept payments. So, we are not going to make an exception for you, especially when you live out of state. Then when you decide that getting an attitude is going to help you, no. You were asked if you had a credit card. Your response that was no one in the family, that was there, had a credit card. Ok, well, check or cash is find too. Then, after finally deciding that you are going to just do a direct cremation and everything is all set and signed, the director leaves, then you come to me, because for some reason you thought that you could use our funeral home to make phone calls and smoke and drink coffee for an hour or so. You came and asked if you could purchase some pendants. The pendants that I am speaking of are made for putting some cremated remains in. They are usually worn as a necklaces, and come in a variety of designs. They are not cheap. I think the least expensive one I have is $90. That is with no chain. Ok, you chose 4 of them. On top of that you have to add sales tax and shipping and handling. I don’t remember the exact total, but it was around $220. Payment is due BEFORE I place the order. So, what do you do? you whip out your credit card! WHAT? are you freaking serious? All that bitching, all the attitude, and all the lying, you give me a credit card!?! Uhhhgggg.

I am also still pissed about my “new”co-worker. Still a pain in the ass, still not doing you job, correctly. Still fabricating stories to make yourself look better. I am sure when I get back to the office things that I left for you will not be done, or not done right. If this happens, I can no longer hold back. I don’t care if they don’t believe me or not. More than just I have noticed that you exaggerate everything you say. When you fuck up, you make up stories to cover your ass, or make it out to be that you were SO busy, blah blah blah. Well guess what, it is busy, and when it gets busy, that doesn’t justify making mistakes. I don’t know why a certain someone has blinders on when it comes to you, but the rest of us are catching on. You are so wrapped up in yourself it is disgusting. But, beleive me, this time, I am not about to NOT say anyting. This time, no matter who believes me, I have to speak up. I have had it with you. You are making my work harder, it was never this hard before you came along. At first I though I was maybe a little jealous that they brought you in, but now, I am sure I am not. All in due time.

Oh, and again, the funeral home DOES NOT supply food or snacks for the families. I am really not sure why people even think that? Do other funeral home supply food? I mean maybe on other states or something? I had a woman from that weird family call and ask me what kind of snacks do we offer during their visitation. We don’t offer anything, we have coffee and tea. We have a pop machine. Thats it! If you want to bring something in, feel free, as long as it is not a 6 course meal. Oh, and to those people who ate my lunch and drank my juice, hope it was good. I cannot believe that you would think that you can just go into the fridge and see a fucking sandwich and a bottle of juice and think that you can just fucking eat it. What is wrong with people? You ate my fucking lunch that I made at home. It was in a sandwich bag, did you bring in a sandwich, just like mine and thought it was yours? I don’t fucking think so. FUCK!

5 Responses to “People….uuhhhggggg”

  1. olive grenade Says:

    i’m dumbfounded that people eat your lunch.

    been reading your blog so far for about an hour or so, starting from the beginning… pretty good stuff. and for the people that say all you do is complain, i’m not sure why they would even keep reading if it annoys them. people are stoopid.

    keep up the good work… i’m gonna keep reading… 🙂

  2. We had a family one time who played the “we don’t have money” card. We gave them a discount, cut the price down by a few hundred dollars. The son shows up at the service showing off the brand new tattoo he got in honor of the deceased. I know that tat had to cost several hundred dollars.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      of course it did. then there are the families that you know really really don’t have the money and there is nothing you can do for them. then there are families like the one you speak of, that i have had to deal with a million times over. most of the time though, my families want a limo to pick them up at home, drive them to the funeral home, then to church then to the cemetery then to the luncheon then back home. well……that cost money!! but……when you tell them that a register book, prayer cards, the cost of the death certificates they argue about the prices! erghhh

  3. future mort Says:

    set a lunch trap! make a poo and jelly sandwhich!

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