maybe some are confused???

Just writing today because I “think” some people may be confused about my blog…..  I guess I can see why since all I do is pretty much bitch about work. BUT like I have stated in the beginning, this is why I am blogging. To VENT MY FRUSTRATIONS! If anyone else out there says that they do not bitch about work, even just a tiny bit, is a fibber! UNFORTUNATLEY, I have alot to bitch about. SO, here is the deal. I blog to BITCH, if you find it offensive, please do not read it then. Or if you are going to read it, then say that I have alot of rage or I don’t love God, etc…..that’s fine, but please note that this is why I BLOG!!!! There are plenty of things in my life that I am happy about and give thanks for, but this is the place where I come to vent! What can’t some people understand?

So, here we go with my venting…….so remember if you don’t like my attitude or “rage” then please stop reading now!

When making a phone call to ‘anyone’ please make sure that there aren’t a bunch of people around you yelling and or talking loud! I don’t know how many times I have received phone calls and all I can hear are a bunch of people in the backround talking and the person that I am talking to can’t hear me and I can’t hear them and then ‘they’ get pissed because I keep saying “what” or “I can’t hear you”. Especially when you are calling a funeral home to let us know so and so just died and you want to use our services, I need to take some important information from you at this time and if I cannot hear you, then I risk the problem of making mistakes, Understand!?!

The other day a man calls and starts asking questions about how much a service would be? Well, do you want viewing at the funeral home, church, do you want the body to be viewed or cremated remains in an urn, do you want the service at church? He just says I just want to know how much the service is? WELL, there is no such thing as “just” a service! So we get over that hill. Hang up. Calls again. Asks, can I buy my own casket or do we have to purchase it thru you. You can buy your own casket that is fine, but if it does not arrive on time or is damaged then the funeral home is not responsible. he asks, well what does happen if it does not show up. Well, we won’t be having a visitation or service or burial because there is no place to put the deceased, then you would probably have to purchase one from us and pay us at that time. What if I can’t afford to pay for it, he asks. WTF? and why if the casket is damaged is the funeral home not responsible. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Hang up. Calls back. I would like to stop by about 6pm to speak with someone about making arrangements I am still in bed! . NOPE, no one availbale after 3:30pm today, you can come in no later than 3pm or we can schedule something tomorrow. Hangs up. Don’t hear back from them……at 2:45p we are getting ready because we have a family coming in at 3pm to start their visitation. Door bell rings at 2:50p. Go to the door, and say “hello, are you here for the family viewing of so and so?” No, we have an appoointment at 3pm. NO you don’t! I am thinking to myself. So, I say, are you the person who called earilier and asked about such and such. He answers, yes. I POLITLEY tell him that he does not have an appoitment beacuse he never called me back to schedule one! He said that he just thought that he could come in at 3pm. NO !!!!!!!!! See. So, of course we had to juggle 2 families now because of one dumbass! Then we get thru the WHOLE arrangement, and they ask, “so everything is a done deal?” UHHH No. One, they would not sign the release to give us permission to pick the body up from the hospital, they did not PAY! and they would not sign the embalming authorization! So of course they were irritated that we would not schedule a day with them. TOO BAD! They go out to the car, come back in and tell us that they want to look at our caskets. Ok, look at the freaking caskets then. Then they say, well, we will let you know what we decide. Fine, but you will have to come back and sign all of this paper work and pay us before we will do anything. Hmmmm, guess who got an attitude? Yep, what the hell? They were just appalled that we were going to make them come back to actually sign the proper documents and oh no pay us ! Why can’t people understand that they actually have to pay for a funeral? I just cannot get over how many people are just taken aback when we ask them to pay! Then half the time, I get, well we don’t have that kind of money. About 3 weeks ago, i had a family say that they couldn’t pay us for 6 weeks. What? We are aren’t layaway at Kmart!

Okay, done. So, if you read this and you didn’t like, too bad. I warned you in the beginning.



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