Well, here I am again. Ranting about the same shit day after day. I know it’s never going to change, but I can wish can’t I? Why do people suck so bad? hy do people think that I can make things magically appear or happen? Why do people think I can do 10 things at a time, even when I say it to their face, that I can’t?

I had a family the other day, they were Jehovah’s Witnesses. I do not in anyway, have anything against othr religions, I am catholic. You believe in who you want or need to, that’s all that matters. I just can’t stand that if you are going to be having a funeral service and you know it is going to be a very large turn out, why you would use the funeral home, after seeing it and asking how many it will seat comfortably, nd come right out and say that you plan on having at least 175 people attending, when we have already told you several times that we can sit about100 comfortably? USE YOUR church, your temple, etc…………please!!!!!???????!!!!!! Don’t wait until the day of and start complaining to me or anyone else that there aren’t enough seating, YOU KNEW this before hand! What do you want me to do? I can’t run out and build an addition in 10 minutes. Seroiusly! WTF? WTF is wrong with people? This woman just stared at me like I needed to magically make more room appear. FUCK!

Oh, and to the lady with the 2 kids who came in and spoke to me like I am some sort of personal assistant to her and her children, what Ireally wanted to say to you is this, “Go fuck yourself and you little snot nosed fucktards”. Who in the hell do you think you are? Tell me that I MUST find you a place to sit because you refuse to go in the chapel with your kids while the casket is open, and I am to come get you as soon as the casket is closed and take you and yourbrats to the 3 reserved seats I was going to reserve for your fat ass. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU! Did you really think that I was going to kiss your ass like you wanted me to? Did you think for one minute that I was going to bend over and kiss your ass? FUCK NO! And as far as that attitude after I told you that I could not focus all of my attention onyou and your children, that my priority is the family and taking care o business not running around getting you and your kids, well you can stick that attitude up you ugly fat ass. Who the hell do you really think you are, do you speak to everyone that way?

Okay….now on to some other problems. The new employee, I think it is about time now tha you caught on to things. YOU have not. Don’ t leave shit laying around, your a nasty pig ! Clean up! I cringe the morning I have to come to work after you. I know that for at least 3 hours out of my day will be cleaning up the pigsty of an office and also fixing l the mistakes you have made. I can’t stand you and your holier than tho bullshit.

Another word on paying for a funeral. If you want any more time thanwhat you chose at the time of the arrangement, YOU HAVE TO PAY! I hate when families get all done, then call up the next day or later the day they made the arrangements, and ask, “so, when can we com view the body?”. WHAT? are you fucking serious? Anything outside of what you chose, you will have to pay for, what is the fucking problem with understanding that? And if we are nice, like we usually are, we will tell you that you can come the day before just for a few mintues. Well, you know where nice gets us? The family tells everyone else (friends, and other family memebers) that they can come up to if the can’t make it the next day, so guess what that mean?I have a funeral home full of dumbfucks who are getting free service. Then you take your sweetold time, when we say a few minutes, we mean a few minutes, not a few hours. After you leave, I have people coming to the door every 5 fucking minutes. Either I don’t answer or I tell them NO, they cannot come in! Viewing is TOMORROW! Then I hear, “well the family said I could come today”. Well the family is wrong!

I dont want anyone thinking I just hate people that I come in contact with at work, I usually hate everyone I come in contact with anywhere else too! I just hate rude ignorant people. I hate old people that still drive. I hate young kids that drive, while they are on the phone, while they are applying lip gloss and drinkin a coffee. I hate people who tailgate me while I am doing the speed limit or even when I am going over the speed limit. I hate people who don’t pull up in the drive thru line. If you are done ordering, PULL THE fuck up closest to the person ahead of you so the person behind you can order! I hate those woman who at the grocery store, in their “mom” jeans and sweatr vests and sensible shoes look at “me” like I am beneath them. I hate people who stare, it’s rude! I hate people who take up two parking spots. I hate people who stand outside abortion clinics (yes, you have your right to what you believe, but I don’t want to hear you screaiming about it, in a public place.). I hate liars. SEE, I hate alot of things, not just work.

Well, until next time.

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  1. WOW!!! I am so glad I came across your blogs! I so totally agree with you! Most people are so ignorant about everything! I hate it when people drive all slow in the fast lane and won’t get over so it ties up all the lanes. IGNORANT! Hey and sorry about your piggy co-worker…. are things better I hope?

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