Been a long long while….but still the same

Well, it has been sometime since I have blogged. But to be honest nothing has changed much. I have a couple of stories, interesting I think, well at least to me, hopefully to some others out ther. BUT, just the usual ranting…and bitching…sorry, but have to do it somwhere.

I still don’t get why people who really can’t afford alot, still insist on wanting LARGE extravagant funerals. You, know we offer packages just for that reason. Then people go ahead and plan these big funerals, then the day they have to pay, say they can’t, or “oh, you don’t take payments”, or “I didn’t know we had to pay right away”. COME ON already. Then there are people who just fucked up. On drugs, let me tell you. We had a mom of a young girl who passed away, she died the day after Christmas, she was 11 years old, had an accident and choked herself. The mom was so doped up, then all she wanted to do was fight with the father of the little girl. We had to call the police on her, then she said she had the money, then she said she didn’t, then she was suppose to pay half and the father half, then she didn’t have the money again……the father and his family ended up paying it all. She was poking at the little girls face and pulling the mouth open………just SICK, just a sick woman. Poking at her eyes so hard it made some fluid squirt out, what kind of person does something like that?

Then we had another family, another child, this was a big story in our town and on the news. This family had NO money to have  a big funeral, but insisted anway, the school donated over half the funeral bill, but we NEVER saw that money, the mother kept it! People who were coming in for viewing were donating money to us for the bill, then they got some money from the State. They had a fundraiser and we never saw that money either. What really pisses me off is that these people went to the news to ask for help for donations because they couldn’t afford too much, BUT, they insisted on having a limo pick them up at home the morning of the funeral, take them to church, then to the cemetery then to the luncheon, then home, do you know how much that costs? A few hundred dollars. Hmmmm, let me think a minute…….oh yeah, that money could have went to your sons funeral! So, to all the people out there who felt bad, you got taken advantage of!

I do not have any compassion left in me for people like that anymore. Then there are those families that come in and they know they can’t afford anything big, and they take what they can afford. Why is it so hard for anyone else? I din’t understand anymore anyway why anyone would want a long drawn out funeral anymore anyway. Having 2 days of visitation and the third day the funeral is so old fashioned. No one wants to sit in a funeral home for3 days.

And to one of my co-workers, you think that you have it in the bag, but you don’t. You are nothing but a nasty whore. How would you like it if you husband found out what you said about leaving him soon? You are nothing but a fake kiss ass and you know it. Trust me, it will not get you any further than you have already come. I know these people we work for, for a long long time, they will use you and use you and use you until you can’;t take it anymore. BUT, you won’t listen to me right now, you’ll see. The more you give the more they’ll take. I use to be just like you, but I learned my lesson FAST. You get no recognition, no thank you’s, nothing. I realize that it is my “job” and that is what I was hired for, but once in a great while it would be nice to hear a “thank you” or “good job”, etc. God forbid you don’t agree with them. Oh and never ever make a suggestion or tell anyone of them that something needs to be reparied or someting is wrong with something, because they will only say that you are complaining. So when the roof starts to collapse, keep your mouth shut, because they will just say that we complain too much or we are bitching. BUT, then if they find something wrong with something, then you will get blamed for not saying anything. The are all egotistical idiots. I will be applying for unemployment soon, I think.

Well, thats all for now. We are very busy the next couple of days, we’ll see what the new families bring us.

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