It’s been a while

To those of you who do read my blog, I am sorry I haven’t wrote in a while. Between work and being sick, I just didn’t have the time. So, one of the things I wanted to bitch about today is: Yesterday as I was getting ready to leave, it was probably about 4:50pm, I was emptying some trash and doing little things, just straightening up. I heard the door bell……I look at the clock and thought, who the hell is here now? I peeked out the window and there was a car in the parking lot and a woman was sitting in the drivers seat and I heard someone yelling, a man, back to the woman. I thought, there is nothing here for anyone to pick up, no cremains, no death certificates, nothing, no one called and said that they were stopping today, there is absolutly to no reason for anyone to be here right now and especially 10 minutes before I close!! So, I didn’t answer the door! OH well! Then all I could make out of this guys yelling is, “only 4:45 and blah blah blah……” well, it was by this time 4:55pm buddy. So, he rang the bell one more time as he walked back to the car and he was still bitching as I could see, and then the woman driver is on her cell phone and my phone starts ringing. I though for a second, ONLY a second and decided, I’m not even going to answer! The only reason, the ONLY reason someone could possibly show up is to make arrangements, now I am sure that my boss would probably hang me if he found out I didn’t answer the door, but to show up at 10, 5 minutes before you close for the day, no, I don’t think so, it’s rude! Especially without calling first. YOU NEED TO CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT!!!!!!!! Would you walk into a restaurant 5 minutes before they close and want to be served a meal? Probably not, well at least Iknow I wouldn’t. I am sure there are the few ignorant people out there that would, but I am not one of them, these people who showed up may be. However, I don’t think many people realize what all goes into planning a funeral. If I would have answered the the door and they did want to make funeral arrangements this is what would have happened: ” Hi, how can I help you? ” “my grandfather passed away and I am here to make some funeral plans” “ok, well, I do not have a director here, everyone is gone for the day”, can we schedule an appointment, or did you have one with us, because I wasn’t expecting anyone”. “what do you mean, we are here now”. “Ok, well let me call someone to see if they are available to come down, if not we may have to have you come back in the morning”. “ookkkayy (annoyed)”. I go and make a phone call and see if someone is available. I speak with a director and they tell me no that they cannot come now, reschedule them for the morning, try to get some information, where they body is, have them sign a release, get general info, see what they are looking for as far as viewing, etc. So, I go back to the family and tell them what I am going to do and that they have to come back because no one is available. “fine, we will come back what time?” “how about 10am” “no, we can’t come back until 1pm”. “ok, then 1pm” “before you go I would like to get some information from you, so we can get this at least started”. I am not going to go into specifics, but lets just say I wouldn’t have been out of there until 6pm. that would have pissed me off! The other scenario would have been that they insisted on doing the arrangement now, and I would have been in the middle of the director telling me “no” and the family being rude and probably yelling at me. Or the family would have just left and gone elsewhere, which “hopefully” they did anyway, since I did not answer the door. I would be suprised if they showed up again today. I am off today, so I don’t really care. But here is another pet peeve of mine. Why on earth would someone wait  3, 4 or even a week or more after the death of a loved one to call and make funeral arrangements? And nine out of tens times, these are the people who ‘have’ to get it done ‘right now’ we can’t wait, have to come in right this second and have the funeral tomorrow? SCREW YOU! I don’t care who the fuck died, why did you wait a week before calling and now you want us to bust our ass and have this done in 5 minutes for you, “NO”! I also wanted to tell others about life insurance. If the deceased has a life insurance policy, I have no problem taking an assignment from the insurance company. BUT, do not tell me that you have already spoke to them and they are going to pay for everything……. I am STILL going to call them to report death, even if you already did, ask them if they take an assignment (because if they don’t, you are paying me up front!) and what I need to send them. If there was a problem with the payment you were making on that policy and they terminated the policy, do not tell me that they are still going to pay and call me on a daily basis and whine because you can’t afford the funeral and you have spoke to the insurance company (that there was a lapse in payment) and they said they are going to pay us, so why aren’t we just billing them and all the while you are being rude to me. Then I get a letter in the mail saying that they are NOT going to pay. Fuck you! you rude whiny lying whore! So, you will be getting a letter in the mail anyday now. Whew, that felt good to bitch. Also, once again, i would like to say, the funeral home will NOT get in the middle of a family squabble. OKAY! we are not going to lie to another family member for you, we are not going to screen our calls for someone that you do not want at the funeral home, we are not going to call the police if someone you do not want there shows up, unless they are causing a problem. Don’t even ask! It is not my problem! It is yours, and usually the people who do this are just plain trash! And in my eyes pains in the asses who I do not even want to deal with.


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