Let me explain cremation. Not the process but the acutality of it. Once it is done, you can’t undo it! It is final! So, this brings me to those of you who insist on arguing with me/us about who has to sign the cremation authorization. I may have wrote on this subject before, I don’t remember, but anyway. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the NEXT OF KIN sign the cremation authorization form. Now, the laws differ in each state, but in mine the next of kind must sign and there has to be a majority of signiatures. If there are children and the parent passes away and the other parent is already deceased the children are the next of kin. The oldest is will have to sign! If there are two children, we would ask that both sign, but majority rules. If there are 3 children, we need 2 to sign, and so on. We would prefer to get all signatures, but …….We had an incident the other day where the brother came in with a friend to plan his sisters cremation. When asked who the next of kin was she stated her nephew. ?????? HUH  ????? so we asked, does she have any children. “yes” ok, how old are they. “19, 22, 25” Hmmmm, ok well looks like we have children all over 18 who need to sign the oldest is the next of kin. Well, his response was “her oldest is out of state, can’t I just sign it?” NOPE! we need next of kin it is the states law, NOT OURS! so get rid of attiude. We aren’t making it harder for you, if we were to let you sign, first off the crematory would question it, then if the children ever wanted to, they could say that they did not sign and now they are suing us! And also YOU would be in BIG trouble. We don’t make up the rules the state does, if you don’t like it, then too freakin bad, have a burial then. If it was the wishes of the deceased that they wanted to be cremated then follow the laws and do as you are told. Believe it or not, this happens ALL the time. It never fails to amaze me how people will be so bitchy and unwilling to listen to us and just sit there and continue to argue when we arent going to budge on it anyway.

This is for the gentleman who was at the funeral home the other day. NO WE DO NOT HAVE ANY FOOD FOR YOU. are you kidding me? what the fuck is wrong with you people? The family did not bring in any food, it was just a couple of hours, a memorial, thats it. This guys comes up to me and asks me why we did not have any food out for them. WTF? I told him that we are a funeral home, it is not our responsibility to feed the visitors, if the family wanted to bring in something they could have but the did not, I told him to go down the street to the McDonalds. he wasn’t happy, hey buddy, go fuck yourself! Also, a register book, prayer cards, etc, those items are not free. The family has to pay for them if they want them. SO, if there is not a book out for you to sign, then chances are that the family did not purchase one. DO NOT come in my office and ask me why there is no sign in book, ask the freaking family! I told you that there was not a book because they family did not purchase one, you looked at me like I was turing into an alien. Then proceeded to make comments like, “I can’t belive that you make people buy them” “You mean to tell me that they have to actually purchase a sign in book that you don’t put one out for them?” “what kind of place does that” “I have never heard of such a thing” “this is ridiculous” NO, you know what is ridulculous, you bitching and complaining, thats what you fucking whore! buy one for them then…

UHHHHHHHHH, gee can’t wait to go back to work……not


3 Responses to “cremation….”

  1. parlor gal Says:

    Just a word about register books,prayer cards etc.—-hey folks—-why would any funeral home just put out an item that the FAMILY did NOT want??????That is what arrangements are all about!!!These items are NOT free!! Why would they be????These are not big ticket items but for SOME REASON the FAMILY did not wish to have them. Hey—why dont we put out free caskets just for the heck of it????

  2. Hi there! I just googled ‘working in a funeral home’ and found your blog. Love it! I’m in PA, way far from you, but have tried to find work in a funeral home. Even part time. How do I find something!? It’s my calling. I got to see an autopsy when I worked at the local hospital and just have a fascination with the deceased. The closest college is too far for me and I work FT, recently got married and have a 14 year-old, so going to college, other than online, isn’t happening. I start back on line in January but of course there are no online degrees in funeral services. Any advice would be great. THANKS!
    Have you read ‘Stiff’? I’m no reader but this book is good!Email anytime. Have a good one! (Try anyway!)

  3. im 43 years old and own an optical business so i know the irritation of dealing with the public

    ive never buried anyone and i dont know any of the rules and when i do have to bury someone im not going to be able to think straight

    it just seems you have a lot of rage issues

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