Time off……goes by so fast!

It seems that the week I am off goes by fast and faster anymore! I keep a list of things that I need to do and a list of things that I want to do. usually neither one gets finished. I figure on the days when i don’t actually “have” to do something, like a doctors appointment, etc. that i should just do whatever i want. I mean I know i have laundry and i have to vacuum and stuff like that, but like cleaning out dresser drawers or clean under the bed, clean closets, you know that sorta stuff, can wait. i like being on the computer at home when no one is around. i can concentrate and play that scrubbles game that i am now addicted too. but anyway, one more day off and i have to go back to work. it has been really really really slow! knock on wood. usually that mean that we will get hit hard any day now. that sucks! it is almost time for a staff meeting and i am pondering wether or not i should bring up certain things at the meeting? or if i should bring this up behind closed doors? regarding another employee, which i can bring up at the staff meeting without any mention of names. but everyone will know who i am speaking about. i really can’t see calling off work because you have a headache, unless you get those really bad migrains, which i know she doesn’t because i asked. there are also alot of other issues to be brought up but i just am agonizing over what to bring up in front of everyone and what not to? it sucks. if i say things to the “bosses” especially on in particular, he thinks we are whining! i’m not, i just want answers and to express how i feel. i think i should be able to express by concerns and needs without feeling like my boss thinks i don’t like my job because i an requesting something. it sucks! one boss says one thing and the other says another thing, it’s freaking confusing and they talk about us not having good communication skills with each other, they are the ones who aren’t communicating……..

so more focus on the funeral biz itself. i have to comment on caskets for a moment. the funeral home is NOT trying to rip you off! maybe other funeral home try to , but we do not and i do not know of many in my area that rip people off when it comes to selling a casket. here is the thing, if you plan on being burried then you need a casket, no other way around it, you also need a vault. in ‘certain’ cemeteries it is not required, maybe because the cemetery is very very old. but %99 of the time you will need one, so don’t look at me like i am bullshitting you when i tell you tht you need a vault, if you don’t believe me call the cemetery! You can also purchase your casket elsewhere, wether or not you will get what you ordered, is another story. And when that happens, that is NOT the fault of the funeral home! If you decide to purchase your casekt on-line, at a wholesale casket warehouse, etc, and it is not what you ordered or is damaged in anyway shape or form, it is NOT the funeral homes fault or responsibility. We will NOT replace it, give you money back for it (since you did not buy it from us), and we will not pay to have shipped back from the place you bought it from. Yes, this has happened. So, if you want a casket that is exactly what you picked out, not damaged and for any reason it is, we will replace it NO CHARGE, of course! Also, just a quick note too, when you see your loved one laying in a casket, he or she is dead. They WILL not look like they did when they were ALIVE! Okay? One family bitched up one side and down the other because they insisted that, that was not their mother in there, it looked nothing like her, and they had just seen her in the hospital 2 days ago before she passed away. Hmmmmmmmmmm, well lets see, what has changed since then. OH YEAH, she died!

2 Responses to “Time off……goes by so fast!”

  1. You crack me up. I understand every word you write, people are aggravating as heck. I worked in the hospital for years and they expect you to be at their beck n call. I really want to work in a funeral home!!

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      People in general….SUCK! there are those that are far and few between. I worked in a hospital as well, I worked midnights and waking people up in the middle of the night I found are generally not pleased with you! LOL

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