Fed up……………

I am fed with today already! I have had it! Not only with my co-workers but with people. How can you and insist that you need an appointment ASAP because your mother passed away (on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!) today being Saturday??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Plus all the while being a complete bitch! I am glad that I did not have a director here to help you. We had 3 funeral services this morning and no one available until 3pm. Your response was “well we have an appointment elsewhere forget it, CLICK”. I’d rather not have to deal with people like you anyway. Then not 2 hours later I get another call from a gentleman who is asking me similar questions that you did, I had a feeling it was the same family….so after the call, I  pulled a *69 and then looked it up on the internet and low and behold it was the same family!  If you even for one minute think that you can just WALK IN here at 2pm, THINK AGAIN! I said to schedule you an appointment. If anyone shows up here at 2pm, the door will not be answered!

Then the other day I have a family who did not have any service thru us, but they wanted to rent a few limos thru us they are doing there own memorial service at a local church on Friday. Well, we get all that squared away, after the son being a jerk to me asking me why they weren’t offered a limo to begin with. Well, why would we offer you a limo if you are not having any services with us? Anyway, I scheduled a limo and a driver and had it all set up, then your other brother called on Tuesday and cancelled the limo, saying that you could not afford it. FINE, I cancelled it. Then on Friday another brother calls and asks when the limo will be arriving because everyone is waiting. Uhhhhhhhhh, you cancelled the limo the other day and exatly 10:10am. And this is what I tell him. He says he knew nothing about the limo being cancelled. I told him I would not have cancelled the limo without knowing who was calling to cancel it and it is the brother so and so and he is the person as the informant on the file and I am to follow his instructions. This guys says he is also the son of the deceased and alot of “games” are being played amongst the family and he had no knowledge of this. OH WELL! Then asks me if they can still get the limo! NOPE! you are calling me 40 minutes prior to your service and want me to get a limo and a driver to you 20 miles away and have you to the church with is another 15 miles away from you………..no! get your shit straight with your family. We are not responsible for family “games” or “issues” or “fights”. WTF?

And as far as a “certain” co-worker goes, KISS MY ASS you LAZY BITCH! You are hired to do a job, then fucking do it! You are scheduled 4 days a week, you manage to show up maybe 2 of those days. This happens EVERY WEEK! are you fucking serious? I am still shocked that they haven’t canned you bony little ass yet and I can’t wait for the day they do. You bitch and moan about every thing and every place that you have to go. If you don’t like your job, then quit and let someone else have it. You are nothing but a spoiled little twat. I feel for your husband. How can you call off just because you have a headache. Do you realize how many days I come to work with a headache or when I am sick. At first I tried to detach myself from you work responsibilities, thinking it was none of my business. Well, when it startes to affect my work then I’m pissed. I do not like being yelled at or bitched out by our customers/families because shit is not ready for them when it is suppose to be! I have decided that next time I get someone who is pissed off because you did not get there papers ready for them and they get snippy with me, I am giving them your phone number. You tell them that you had a freakin headache and couldn’t get to work for the 10th time this month or you didn’t feel like driving that far that day. Oh, and by the way it doesn’t matter how much that person paid us for services, each customer should be treated the same, they still paid regardless.

Thats all for today, I am so irritated I could scream! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh


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