ho hum

How come bosses think that you can do the impossible? Why do they think I know why someone else did something or said something? Why do they feel it necessary for me to call someone or someplace every 10 minutes until someone answers? I so hate that! Why is it when I set up an appointment in the afternoon, he’ll ask me why they can’t come in the next morning, but when I schedule something the next morning he’ll ask me why they couldn’t come in that afternoon? I am confused!

I am also sick of people thinking that I have control over the death certificates! It is clearly explained to them when they are making arrangements what the procedure is and they still call me or come in and ask me why they aren’t back yet! We only do the death certificates as a courtesey to the family! We do not charge for it. We only charge what the city clerks office charges and every city clerks office has a different charge! Then it depends on how many you want. We type the death certificate, we have to take it to the doctors office, hospital, nursing home, etc to get it signed! We may have to wait on the doctor who is signing it, he may be with patients when we get there, we always call the office to ask what times we should come in so we don’t run into those problems, but sometimes we do! Then after we get it signed, we have to take it to the city clerks office to have them certified and pay for them. We also have other death certificates that we are doing as well, so we may have to go to 6 different places to get signiatures, then 6 different city clerks offices, sometimes this can take a day or two or three! Once we have them in the office we call the family right away to let them know that they are back! I am just sick of people calling me telling me that they have to have theirs back ASAP! They have to do this with the bank, and this with the house, etc. I understand what you are saying, but there is NOTHING I can do! This is not the first person who has died, trust me, banks and other business that you have to tend to understand that you need a death certificate, they know it takes a couple of days. SO DO NOT ask me if your can be sped up, because it won’t be!

So again, I have a family that picked visitation on Thursday evening from 5-9pm. Service on Friday. So, the son asks me when he can come by to view his father. Well, I tell him at 5pm on Thursday, that is what you picked, HELLO? Well he wants to see him before everyone else does, fine come in at 2pm, look, and leave! I don’t care anymore. Well, then we had a direct cremation so people are calling me about that, asking me when the viewing is. I tell them, there is no viewing it was a direct cremation, then they still say, yes, I understand they are being cremated but when can I come to view the body? YOU CAN’T it is a direct cremation, NO viewing, nothing! They still ask, so the body won’t be laid out at all? That is correct, then they proceed to ask me why would the family do that? How the fuck do i know! That is the arrangements they made that is what they wanted. Did you want me talk them out if that? Christ! I also love when people call me and ask me why we did not put a death notice in the local paper for the family. Again, not my choice, it is up to the family if they want a death notice, they have to pay for it! I cannot belive how many people get pissed at me because they family did not want to do a death notice! I really love the people who call me wanting a copy of the death notice or obituary, I don’t have copies of them, call the newspaper.

I gotta go…….irritated…….need meds, if I had any!

4 Responses to “ho hum”

  1. parlor gal Says:

    about people picking up leftover flowers—-do you really think the funeral home has time to drive all over town to drop off YOUR flowers for donation??????????? Yes, we do have a few people we can call and they will collect the flowers for the old folks homes,hospice and other places but they cant always be reached, out of town, or not enough flowers to bother about. Why do you look at me as though I am an evil person????????????? Yes, your flowers will be thrown out if YOU dont want them!!!!!!!!!! They are NOT OURS !!!!!!!! HEY—YOU DONT WANT THEM EITHER SO DONT EVEN TRY TO MAKE ME FEEL BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, better now. Just needed to vent—thanks.

  2. I also hate when people get pissy because there’s no viewing or visitation. Don’t take it out on me, go yell at the family.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      i just don’t and probably never will understand why people think we have control over what the family decided. heck, if the family wanted 4 days, then they could have four days, i don’t care!

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