another work week

Well, here I go, back to work once again. I can only imagine what is to greet me tomorrow morning when I get in! I know while I was off there were two funerals, one short one (3 hours), the other one full day.

I have to say something about crying. Yes, crying. Not everyone cries. Don’t feel bad because you don’t. If you are in a situation, such as a funeral for someone who was very close to you, and you aren’t crying, so what! Not everyone reacts that way. I know I don’t, not all the time anyway. There was a family last week, the wife of the deceased was not crying and I think her daughters were upset with her, only heard snippets of their conversation. So, later on, I noticed the mother crying, but it was obvious she was forcing it. You could tell this woman was upset, sad, etc…..but she just wasn’t crying. Maybe she will grieve in her own way later on in private….I know that is how I usually deal with things. But to assume that someone doesn’t “care” because they aren’t physically showing sadness, don’t! you never know how this person really feels!

Still not looking forward to going back to work though. Just the thought of walking in the building in the morning, the smell of the building, it is making me sick. Just the routine of it all. Walk in, shut off alarm, set my things down, turn on computer, check fax, start turning on lights, set air conditioning, open employee lounge door, check flower room door, turn on lounge lights, start coffee, put my lunch in fridge, and turn on all other lights as I walk back to my office, sign on computer, transfer phone, start day! Ugh!  Then there are the days when people are already sitting in my parking lot, which I HATE. Then ask me if I work here, say yes, then they follow me in and tell me so and so died and they have been here since 8am, and they want to make arrangements. And, like I have explained so many times before, I have to go thru the whole explanation of, I have to call someone, I just walked in too and they usually get irritated that I can’t just help them, RIGHT NOW! Or I get the call immediately after transferring my phone, it’s like some people wait until exactly 9am to call me and tell me that they are coming in because so and so died. NO YOUR NOT! I have to schedule you an appointment………I recently had a gentleman do that to me, twice and to the other girl once. He called and said he wanted to finalize some arrangements because his father was in Hospice  and that “they” would be on their way in about 10 minutes. I put a stop to that. First of all, when he called he directly asked for Gene, the director, which in response I said, no he is not in, can I take a message or help you with something? he said that him and the rest of his family are coming up and they want to see Gene about finalizing, I said again, he is not in, so for you to come down in 10 minutes would be sensless because it is going to be at least an hour before he can get here! So, I ‘scheduled’ and appointment for 2 hours later. Fine, then they did it to me again the very next day. Although i was able to help them that time. Then come to find out they did it to the other girl the other day when the father finally passed away. They called and said their father passed away and that they will be there in about 10 mintues. NO! she said, no on is here, can you hang on and I will find out when someone will be in to help you. Did they not get the freaking hint the last 2 times? Guess not. People just do not listen. EVER! Not just in my business, but the public in general. They do not pay attention to rules, laws, etc. Especially people who drive. Come one! Everyone knows that talking on your cell phone and driving is WRONG! NO ONE can drive and talk on their cell phone. I admit that I can’t, so I DON’T! Just yesterday me and my spouse were on our way home and on the express way, and there was a man in the suv in front of us, driving like SHIT! Speeding up then slowing down, not paying attention, when we finally passed him, which took forever, he was dialing or texting on his phone, huh! what a suprise! NOT. I especially HATE HATE HATE when I run into these little skank teenagers with their Paris Hilton sunglasses on their phone not paying attention applying lipgloss with one hand on the phone with the other. No regard for anyone else. One girl was trying to merge into traffic from a stop and was on the phone. Pulled out, right in front of oncoming traffic, why? Because whe was just chatting away, to busy talking to her friend about getting her nails done and tanning and about what mini skirt she was going to wear that night to the party ( just assuming the conversation here), but I am sure it was similar. Which leads me back to work. Why on earth would you not turn off your cell phone at a funeral home? Do you really not know how rude that is? Is your phone more important than that person who lying in that casket? All day long I hear cell phones ringing, most people have their ringtones set to “gay” anyway, but seriously, TURN IT OFF! On vibrate even? Even wearing your stupid ear piece is rude. For one it looks STUPID! And when you are walking around talking to yourself (looks like your talking to yourself) you look even more stupid! For just the few minutes you are going to be there, take it off, leave it in your car or purse.

Okay, thought I might feel better getting some shit off my chest, but really, i don’t. Now I have to go to the store……..

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