Friday at 3pm??

So, it has been pretty quite….. When I came back to work I had a memorial service, no big deal, short and sweet!

I do have a question if anyone knows. Again, I am not bashing anyone here, I just really have a genuine interest in knowing this.  Ok, here goes. Every religion has their own beliefs and I especially understand this! But,  why do Jehovah Witnesses not allow an American Flag to be present when someone passes away? I guess I should know this one, but I do not. I have had a few Jehovah Witnesses come through the funeral home and I think two of them were veterans, so they are entitled to an American Flag, as long as the family can present a discharge paper. But, both times, the families had made it very clear that the flag was NOT to be present or visible. I find it odd that these people had served our country and fought for our freedom, yet they are not allowed to display the American Flag in the casket or anywhere else in the chapel. Both times I was told to leave it in the box and give it to the family when they were done with services so no one could see.       Well, just curious………………..

But, anyway, Friday at 3pm. Get a call from a family saying they need to come in to make arrangements, his sister had passed away.  Ok, fine. I asked if they wanted to come in Friday or would they like to wait unti Saturday morning? They wanted to come in right then, so ok, I tell them to be here around 3:30pm-4pm. I called the hospital where the person passed away at to get some information, such as, is the body ready for pick up, has the family signed a release, doctor signing the death certificate, time of death and date of death. While i was on the phone with the family, it sounded and I assumed the person had just passed away. So when I get the info from the hospital they say she passed away on the 8th! What? are you serious? So wait until Friday at 3pm to call to make arrangements? Are you serious? Why? Then of course want everything done ASAP! Tell me over the phone that you were thinking cremation with some sort of visitation (with the body), but you really need this done by Tuesday. Well, guess what, you shouldn’t have waited until freakin’ 3pm on a Friday. Well, by the time they got here I guess they changed their mind a bit because they decided they wanted a direct cremation, maybe with some sort of memorial at another location (church, hall, etc). Then they couldn’t decide if they had it at church, which they had not contacted either and when we offered they were very hesitant, even after telling them if they want it done by Tuesday then they need to make a call now! Well, of course they call the church from here, and guess what? NO ANSWER! Oh boy, thought the Uncle was gonna have a baby! Bitching because no one is answering the phone. Well, guess what there buddy, it is now 4:30pm on a Friday! So, usually it takes about 4-5 business days to get cremains back (ashes) from the crematory. So, this is explained to them. Again, they were just appalled that they would not be back by Monday. Look here you freaking pains in the asses, it is the end of the work week, so they are told the soonest, if possible, we could request that they be back by Tuesday by 4pm. Their response was this ” well, I guess that will have to do, if you cannot get this taken care of by Monday, which we prefer, then we will have to wait until then, we have family coming in and they aren’t able to stay long, they do have jobs and cannot take all that time off and will only be here for a couple of days.”   WTF?? Again, then why the fuck did you wait until Friday at 3pm when she has been gone since TUESDAY?? Oh and then they had to sign the cremation authorization forms. Well, you would think we were asking them to sign their life over to us! It is just a cremation authorization for the love of God. If you don’t sign it, she will not be cremated. Thats all………….expect for I have a bunch of kids in my parking lot on skateboards, they like to jump the steps out front, but when one of them cracks open their head I’m sure their parents will blame the funeral home somehow, even though we have told them time and time again NOT to jump the steps!

Have a good weekend everyone!


2 Responses to “Friday at 3pm??”

  1. David Effiong Says:

    Hello, I happen to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and I also intend to enter the funeral business. To answer your question, it is because flags are often worshiped (people cry over them, give them rituals, idolize them, die for them, etc.) and so we see the flag as an idol of sorts. We serve our God whole-souled, so we do not engage in ANY form of devotion to flags which may include having them in our homes, cars, or having one draped or presented over the body of the deceased, which would symbolize the person having been devoted to the country his or hers whole life; instead of living in a way that God has commanded us. I understand that the family is entitled to an American flag if the deceased served in the armed forces, but it is still seen as an idol even if no one in the household worships it as such. If you need a more detailed explanation, do not hesitate to ask me, or you can go to the and type in the subject of our discussion.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      hi david, thank you for that explanation. i never asked a family before who are Jehovah’s witnesses, just because i didn’t feel it was the appropriate time. every religion has their own beliefs and they have the right to do so. being a funeral director or funeral worker, you must put your own beliefs aside. i have never had an issue with the way anyone decides how or who they worship, i can understand now though regrding the flag. thank you again for sharing! are you in mortuary school now or have you just recently decided to get into the business?

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