So, the family that was here last broke something. I won’t say what, but how come if they broke it they didn’t say anything to anyone, they just let it go until it got worse and the girl working at night found it, while everyone was just standing around, deciding not to say anything?

All you had to do was come into the office and say “excuse me, I’m very sorry, but we seem to have a problem in the back and I was wondering if I could speak to you for a moment and explain what happened, it was not intentional, it was an accident.” There isn’t that easy?

The last couple of days it was been boring! Nothing going on……at all. I shouldn’t speak too soon. No soner will I say that the phone will ring with a first call. Sometimes these days are nice. You can catch up on all those little things you put off when you are busy. Or in my case since I always finish my work, I can kick back and watch a little afternoon tv.


One Response to “Broken”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Hey, I’d be interested to ask you a couple questions about your job, if you don’t mind. I’m writing something and it involves a funeral home. I’d like your perspective on it.

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