Co-Workers, etc…

So, pretty much over the last few months I have been ranting about the people I deal with. Well, I really never mention the co-workers I have to deal with. I ‘try’ not to gossip with the other workers because I know it will get blown out of proportion as with any gossip. However there are a “few” employees that find it necessary to downgrade everyone and think that they are superior to everyone else. We have one in particular girl who works when she feels like it. Which, yes bugs the shit outta me! She is is bossy, which also bugs the shit outta me, and most everyone else. Her and another girl are pretty good friends, and her friend bitches about her. Well that right there pisses me off. If you two are such “good” friends why are you bitching and gossiping to me about her? Call her names, tell me your never gonna speak to her, then kiss her ass?

My boss thinks that all we do is complain. That we whine about things. NOT TRUE. When I ask for something that I need, I don’t consider that whining. My boss is a pussy anyway, I don’t normally use that word, because I don’t like it, but in this instance, this is the only word that can describe my boss! As to the other “bosses” in particular a newer one, quit kissing ass and telling on everyone! You say your are going to quit everyday you walk in the door you tell me you have had other interviews, you tell me you don’t need to work, etc…..but the minute I complain about something, just in passing, you have to run back to the rest of the so called “bosses” and tell them that I was bitching. Screw YOU. I really have to watch my mouth from now on, I can’t even make a comment about having a bad day and someone takes it the wrong way. If I say I am having a bad day, or I ‘sigh’ or grunt or groan, I later on get a talking to that I need to not complain so much and so and so told so and so I am not happy at my job! WHAT? WTF? are you serious? Like you never had a bad day? You all suck!

And yes, on to the family the other day……WE CLOSE AT 9PM. NOT 10pm. You sitting in front of the casket saying you are not leaving will only prompt me to call the police. I HAVE A FAMILY TOO!!!!!!! Then you decide to pass out on the couch, are you kidding me? Quit taking so much fucking zanax and get the hell out! And to those of you who actually had the fucking balls to show up at the door at 10:30pm and ring the bell, GO FUCK YOURSELF! Do you honestly think that we are fucking open 24/7? FUCK FUCK FUCK! Not for one minute did I even think to let you in the chapel to see the deceased you fucking white trash ignorant assholes! Go away! Come back in the fucking morning when everyone else will be here. Jesus fucking christ.

Oh, and again, to the other families we have had over the last 2-3 weeks or so. I hope your freaking happy that you brought ALL that fucking crap you call food into the building, because now we have fucking ants all over the place. WE TOLD YOU that you could bring in some meat and cheese trays some soda and water, some small sandwiches, but I guess you heard this “bring whatever you want, some subs, cookies, meatballs, brownies, order some pizzas, like 6 party size pizzas to make sure everyone can stuff their fat fucking necks, lots of soda especially because the kids like to drink it and spill it all over the floor and don’t worry about cleaning it up, we will do that after it gets all nice and sticky and shit is stuck to it.” Is that what you fucking rednecks fucking heard?

You know, it isn’t even really about work so much anymore, It is about everyone I run into on my days off too. It’s just I am at work more than I am other places, except for home. People in the the stores are rude, restraunts, etc…….yesterday at the market, i pull my number at the deli, I got number 45. So the woman yells out number 43, no one answers, so she moves on to number 44, older woman goes up to be helped, then my number gets called out number 45 ….yay! ME ME ME!! finally. NOPE! The bitch walks up and says I have number 43 but I wasn’t over there. Fuck you whore! So, they take her first. You grabbed a number and walked away to do more shopping instead of standing and waiting for the rest of us, fuck off. Without even an apology, ignorant rude people. Can’t stand it anymore. I use to be nice, I use to be quite and timid, and shy. Now I just can’t freaking stand that people are just so rude and selfish and clueless to anyone or anything but themselves.

yeah, i guess I am having one of those days, and guess what I need to go to the store, and I really really don’t want to, i don’t want to get out into traffic, because traffice sucks so bad, then get into a store and have to deal with people. Where have the freaking manners gone?

Back to work tomorrow, yay, not.


5 Responses to “Co-Workers, etc…”

  1. I was in law school when my grandfather died he owned 3 funeral homes and a trade embalming/transport service. No one else in my family wanted anything to do with the business so I was handed the keys while I got licensed SO—-I totally feel your Pain—I Stumbled on your blog, I hate White trash funerals where the family EXPECTS you to make everything perfect especially after you go out of your way to put them on a payment plan which is NOT OUR CURRENT POLICY… after they only come up with half of the money to put down and they’re going to fucking “welch” on it anyways because they cant afford their xanax, “sagrettes”, concert tickets and all the total crap “people of a certain class” piss money away on.
    Their Kids run wild through the funeral home, they piss all over the floors, they spit out candy in the chapel, the back parking lot looks like a Kid Rock concert just let out and the front of the funeral home looks like a football Tailgate..the funeral was a complete shitshow. It was an overdose death (of course)…and made me realize that had I finished Law School i wouldnt have been making the biggest mistake of my life. Anyways I may blog some about my experiences, it appears we have similar views about our “jobs”…and if the haters think YOU are offensive they will DESPISE me because, and I’ll warn you right now after doing this for years— I am not the product of a gentle world…lookin forward to your response on this one

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      hey reg, thanks for commenting! come by any time and vent away! love hearing from other funeral home people!
      do you think you will ever go back to law school someday? i don’t hate my job, but i hate it somedays. there is always that chance that a nice family will walk thru the door…
      loved your “kid rock” reference. isn’t it the truth!?! i cannot believe the trash that people just leave laying around. if i saw an overflowing ash tray out side, i would certainly NOT put anything else in it, i would go tell someone who works there, that “hey, that ash tray is overflowing and people just keep throwing shit it in!” and what is with people throwing candy on the floor, wrapped or unwrapped? that buggs the hell outta me! i would love to go into one of these peoples homes and throw shit all over their carpet! i wonder how they would like it?
      ……and altho a person who overdoses is unfortunate, you can bet that nothing but trash will show up for the funeral! every single freaking time! unfreakingbelievable! and yes, the truth is that the family who bitches they have no money and can’t afford jack is the family who you will bend over backward for! like “we” owe “them”! right?
      oh, i have had many people who have sent me worse comments than those you have read on here, in the begining, i use to delete them, but i don’t care now. i approve them all. regardless of what they call me. i cannot WAIT to read more from you!!

  2. People just suck these days. I too work at a funeral home and feel your pain. It blows me away what some people “expect” you to do. Good luck!

  3. I totally hear you. I smile at ppl, say sorry, excuse me-nothing! No thats ok smile back-nothing. I am starting to hate ppl too

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