To the haters

First of all, I would like to point out that I never say where I am employed, I never say where I live, I could live anywhere, right?

So, to those of you who think that “one of my families” may read this. I doubt it. And if they did read it, well then maybe next time someone in their family passes away, they will think twice about how they act at a funeral home. I am just saying what everyone else wants to but doesn’t! If you do not have to encounter families like the ones I have, then you are lucky and I wish I could work someplace that did not have the type of families I “sometimes” have to deal with.

I do have many many familes that are great, awsome, etc. But, of course why would I rant about them?

I do like my job, but as with “ANY” job, comes things that one does not like, or things happen that upset them, like, people, bosses, co workers, etc. I just have the balls to say them out loud. No one else does. The funeral business is tricky, I would love to mention what state I reside in, but I know I can’t because of the business I work in.

So to those of you who think I am a unsympathtic bitch…….I am far from it, I may be outspoken, but of course everyone knows that an outspoken woman usually gets called names. Although, and I am sure as with any other ‘funeral worker’, over the years, you too have become “less” sympathetic, and don’t lie and say you haven’t! If you say you haven’t it is bullshit and you know it, you are just afraid to admit it. I am wonderful to ANY family that comes in to my funeral home. I bend over backward for them. I would never let a family see me irritated with them or tell them that they are being unreasonable. give me a break!

I’ll be back……………………………..



3 Responses to “To the haters”

  1. I think that you have found a healthy way of relieving your stress. keep it up girl! There isnt anything wrong with an opinionated woman. The only ones afraid of women like us are punks anyway!

  2. Well, people die every day. If youfelt for each and every one, you’d probably go crazy.

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