same ole same ole

Geesh, haven’t posted in a long time! But, yeah everything is the same at the funeral home. Same ignorant families. No one has any money. Everyone wants something for nothing. People act as if they are the only ones who ever lost someone. I do realize that it is hard when a loved one dies, but I did not make that happen. I am here to help you. I am here to suggest things to you. So when you tell me you have no money or are limited, and I suggest that you use the opportunites availble to you, don’t look at me like I just told you the world is coming to an end.

To the family who buried their mother the other day. YOU, YOU decided that YOU did not want any viewing at the funeral home, just a direct burial, family to meet at the cemetery for 1/2 hour chapel service. THAT is what YOU wanted. SO, when showed up at my door with 6 of your family members on  the day before asking to view her, and I very nicely told you that she was not here, she was at our other facility and would be taken to the cemetery in the morning, why did you look at me like I was some kind of disfigured alien? I told you that she was not embalmed (no need to embalm if it was direct burial with closed casket) and she was not viewable. I had to call down to the other funeral home and ask the director if you guys could go down and see her. I cannot believe , and I am not trying to be racist, I know everyone does things differently, I know everyone has there own religion and way of doing things, but come one, black people are very strange (I’m sure you think the way white people or mexican, etc do things strange) but when you set up a visitation (viewing) and then service, etc. Don’t ask, “ok, so when can we come in to view him/her?” Well, the time you just picked! NO, they always have to come a day early, and pay no attention to the times alloted for them. WHY? If you want to come a day early than you have to pay for that time. Anyway, I don’t want to keep going on about because I don’t want anyone thinking I am ‘just’ picking on a certain race. White people (like me) are just as bad in different ways, there idea of a funeral is to bring as much food and drink as possible and sit in the loung all day and eat, drink, smoke and dirty up the place! That pissed me off more than anything.


2 Responses to “same ole same ole”

  1. I hear there’s a shift towards celebrating a person’s life over mourning their passing… but that’s what bars are for. I work at a hotel. People throw veritable parties in their rooms and the brakfast lounge. It’s not that I’magainst living it up… it’s just that people take others for granted and leave their beer bottles allover the place.
    And cigarette butts andcondoms wrappers and chicken bones….

    • Thankfully, they were USING condoms…be thankful for every condom wrapper you pick up…that’s one less pregnancy…one less classless, uneducated and thoughtless human dropping his/her cig butts on your carpet, living on either welfare or social security and dumping trash all over the trailer park!!

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