I’d rather have a root canal

Back to work tomorrow. I am really dreading going back. So alot has been going on at work, now I have to go back and deal with it all. I was suppose to be having a visitation on Friday and funeral services on Saturday morning. Well, now I guess everything is on hold. Why? Well because the person’s life insurance is only a year old. So, that means that the insurance company is contesting it and now the family does not have enough money to pay for it, gee, go figure. Well, here is the thing, they ordered a very expensive casket, and an 8 passenger Limo, etc……well, you can’t expect the insurance to pay for your extras. I mean, you don’t “need” a limo. So, the family asks us what they should do since they cannot pay for it. Well, the director told them to do directo cremation. Or have a 2 hour visitation, which is quite inexpensive, that is why we offer them!! Well, they weren’t happy with that. Well, too bad! I am getting so pissed off at these people who don’t have any money but want all this stuff! I know this sounds cruel, but just because your so and so just passed away, it does not mean you get special treatment and discounts and freebies, sorry, it just doesn’t work that way. Loose the Limo! Get a cheaper casket, do what we suggest. Don’t go for the whole day of visitation then the next day the service at the funeral home, then go to the church, then to the cemetery, it costs MONEY and alot of it!There are other options available to you, USE THEM! So who knows what is going to happen with this family, I’m sure it will be a pain in the ass. SO, then I have another visitation starting on Monday, this is for a younger person, still in high school. So, all day today, I was told, all these kids from this kids school have been calling asking when the times are for viewing. So I can see it now, a bunch of teenagers in and out of the funeral home all day, YAY………not. I realize that the economy sucks right now, no one has any money, I know I don’t! But, lately that had been all I have been dealing with, are families that come in and that is the first thing they say. “just so you know, we don’t have any money”. Well, what do you really expect us to do? SERIOUSLY, I really want an answer! We can’t give it to you! It’s funny to though, because those families who come in and say that, well they are the ones who want the most elaborate funerals, they want the limos, the high dollar caskets, the whole shebang. People never cease to amaze me!


2 Responses to “I’d rather have a root canal”

  1. SO TRUE! do you guys suggest the lower prices first?

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      Yes..we always start out from less expensive and move up from there. Most of the time the family has an idea of what they want…..burial or cremation. Visitation or maybe just a memorial visitation…. direct cremation or even direct burial… how many days of visitation. Where will funeral be…at funeral home or mass at church…so there are so many options are available. The older generation typically go with visitation…usually for 2 days then on 3rd day the funeral starting at f.h. then mass at church then process to cemetery. So that would be a higher cost funeral. In addition to all of that you still need a casket. A vault. Embalming charges. Obit. Prayer cards. Sign in book. Death certificates. Hearse. Flowers. Maybe they need to purchase a marker/headstone. Then the family may still have cemetery fees that are owed. So all of that…just a quick quesstimate that would be aprobably a $10,000.00 funeral. But like i said most families have an idea of what they want & those with limited funds will say to us as soon as we meet with them “we havent alot of money to work with”. Of course there are those who ‘expect’ us to just not charge them or discount everything. They will usually say they do not have any money so… when tjey do that we just say…”so…then what do you want? I can give you costs and you can apply for state funding..” there are so many people who right away TELL us they want a “good deal”…you arent buying a car!! And I have yet to figure out why people even think that the prices are negotiable…!!!

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