Oh boy….

Well, I have one more day off then it is back to the hell hole! And of course it has got busy at work. I talked to the other girl that works when I am off, she said that we had an arrangement today scheduled for 1pm. While they were doing that one, another family “walked” in. Geee, go figure! What did I just say yesterday on my post about walking in? DON’T! Then she tells me that when he did walk in she told him that the director was with another family who had an appointment for an arrangement and he could come back or wait. He said, “oh, I didn’t even think about calling”. WHAT? why the fuk not? Plus there was a visitation going on to top it off. You see a ton of cars in the parking lot and you just figure…what? Whatever! I’m getting crankier by the day. Not just work, but driving, shopping, etc….. I believe everyone has just lost all manners anymore. It seems everyone is rude. Maybe I am just getting bitter as I get older..that’s a shame isn’t it? Well, looks like I will have a ton to write about once I get back to work…….peace


3 Responses to “Oh boy….”

  1. Maybe if you’re not happy about the funeral business and complaining and whining on a blog about it, maybe its time to find a new job??? Just a thought.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      no, but thanks for your opinion. like i said before……………..this is where i come to to take out my frustrations about my job. if i worked someplace else, i’m sure i would be bitching about that as well.

  2. parlor gal Says:

    How about this one—when folks come in thinking there is a viewing for so and so but upon informing them there is NO VIEWING AT ALL tonight, look at you and say something like ” oh, are you sure???? but so and so told us that so and so would be viewing here tonight!!!! you must be mistaken ” ?????????????????? Excuse me, but I WORK HERE!!!!!!!! I would like to think I would know if we have any viewings that night !!!!!!!! Did you not wonder why the parking lot was EMPTY ????? or why there are not people milling around in the lobby???? Please tell me why some folks question me ??? One can even see all four viewing room doors, that are OPEN, mind you. See anybody in them????? Dead OR alive????????????? Why would you not believe me?????

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